For the fifth time I think

I do not really know what is wrong with my internet provider.  They have been cutting-off my internet connection even if I have already paid my bills.  Just last week they cut off my connection again.  This is for the fifth time.  I am really angry because I wont be able to do my online stuffs.  My niece has research assignment and she can’t do it because I do not have internet connection.  I am really confused because I already paid my internet connection and they sent me message that they have to cut off their service because I have unpaid bill.

I do not have internet connection for three days.  I am so busy at home and taking care of my nephews.  I do not have time yet to go to my internet provider and settle the issue of my connection.  I am so worried if I have writing jobs.  I went to my internet provider after three days and asked them what is wrong.  I asked them to check my account and my bill.  They said it is alright.  They just told me to contact costumer service.  And because I am so angry I yelled at the attendant.  And she told me she will call their main branch and will settle my connection right away.

My internet connection is back now and I thought of transferring to different internet provider.arghs!

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Connection was terminated, again!

Yes, you heard it right! My internet provider cut my internet connection for the fourth time.  I have not paid my internet bill last month for some reason.  I thought they will not cut it but they did.  The same thing they last time.  It pisses me off to be honest because they do not give grace period.  I didn’t know that they cut it until I opened my laptop last Friday night to do some updates on my blogs.  My mode to write was dead because of what happened.  The weather is bad yesterday and I do not want to go out but I do not have any choice but to go to my internet provider and settle my problem.

I settled my one month lapsed yesterday and my internet is back now.  I am glad that my mode to write is back and the idea I have in mind is still there.  Tonight, I am determined to update my blogs to give my readers a new post to read.  Hopefully I gain more traffic to my website by updating this regularly.  For the fourth time, I should have learned my lessons not to forget my internet connection obligation.  I should pay on time because my internet provider loves to cut my connection easy.arghs!

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I thought it was cut-off again

I was so worried when I arrived at the province of my parents for a week of vacation because I did not able to pay my internet bill.  I was so busy preparing things to buy and bring that I forgot to pay my internet bill.  Last month my internet provider cut-off my internet connection.  I was shock because I was just delayed for four days only.

After arrived at the province of my parents, I was checking and reading emails when the sentence Server not found appears.  Made me thinks that they cut-off my internet again.  Same thing they did the last month.  I am sad because I won’t be able to update my blogs, talk to my friends over the internet and checking my emails.  How can they be so inconsiderate?  This is the question that comes up in my mind.  Well, partly I am blaming myself for I forgot to pay it before traveling.  I have pending writing job to write but won’t be able to write it.

Three days later, I went to the city and bring my laptop with me because I am doubtful about the lost of the internet connection.  Then I know that the area of my aunt has poor signal that is why I cannot connect to the internet.  I feel relieve and happy.  My thought was wrong, I still have internet connection.  My worries are gone.  I am home now and the first thing to do is to pay my internet bill.

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