The contract is finished

Hooray! I am so happy that the two years and a half contract with my internet provider are finished.  Yes, I am paying it and I am so happy about it.  My monthly subscription now will be lesser compared to the last two years.  I am satisfied with my current internet provider, however, few months ago I have encountered problems like no internet connection for weeks and sometimes very slow connection.  When I went to their nearest branch, they will just tell me because of the weather.  But even if the weather is good, I sometimes having problem connecting online.

Due to this issue, I am confused now if were to continue my subscription or transfer to new internet provider.  I so love my current provider because the plug-it kit they have that allow me to bring anytime, anywhere.  I do not have to worry if I am out of the house because I can bring with me my laptop and my plug-it kit.  So, wherever I go, I am still connection without depending to Wi-Fi hotspot.  The internet provider that I want to transfer does not have plug-it kit that is why I haven’t decided yet if I were to stay or transfer to new provider.

 I hope to decide soon because my contract ends this month.  If I were you, would you stay or move to new internet provider?

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