Wish granted indeed!

The four year old nephew has been bothering his mother about buying him scooter for Christmas.  He saw a scooter at my aunt’s place.  Since then he has been asking his mother to buy him one.  Four months had passed and we thought he forgot it.  But when his mother asked him of what gift he wants for Christmas, he answered scooter.  OMG! Scooter is on top of his list.  We just smiled at him and said, his memory is awesome.haha!  Since Christmas day is his birthday, my sister (his mother) is considering of buying him scooter.  This will be his Christmas and birthday gift.

The sister already bought the gift he wants for Christmas.  They keep it in the safe place and will give him on his birthday.  Though he knows what gift he wants, still it would surely surprise him that his mother give him the present he wants.  The image on the scooter is his favorite carton show Thomas and friends.  I am pretty sure that this kid, my nephew, would be the happiest kid in the world.  One lucky kid in the world to have a loving and generous parents.  Indeed a wish granted.  I can see a smiling eyes and mouth this Christmas.

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