The Christmas tree is light and up

Two weeks ago, our Christmas tree at home is up.  I set it up while the kids are sleeping because when they around, I won’t be able to finish it.  Just like the previous years, the kids were surprised when they woke up in the morning and saw the Christmas tree in the living room.  And as always, thier lips are pouting for they wanted to help putting up the tree, but I did it all by myself.  I am used to it, and their pouting lips are no effect to me.  When they are older, I will be the one telling them to set up the Christmas tree at home.

However, the Christmas lights are no longer working.  Wires are broken, I do not know why.  I have keep it safe in the box.  I have to buy new lights for the Christmas tree and lights to put outside the house.  When the kids saw the tree, they are looking for the lights because they want to light up the tree but was not able to for the old lights are broken.  I have contacted the older brother who is electirician, if he could fix it but instead, told me to buy new one.  I am sad because the lights was bought just last year.  But to be safe, I need to buy new one.  Good thing the older brother gave me money.  Our tree is up and light now.  Thank you brother.

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Extra careful when buying Christmas lights

It is Christmas season once again.  People are busy buying Christmas decorations and Christmas lights to make their houses beautiful and to bring the spirit of Christmas inside their homes.  I myself is so ready for the season.  I do not have plans to buy new sets of decorations and lights for Christmas because the ones I have last year is still in good conditions.  I am into recycle this time.  It is better to save than save these days.  So, using the old decorations and lights that we have last year is best idea for me.  Besides, decorations and lights are a bit expensive.  I just to have the lights check if it is still safe to use.

If you are to buy Christmas decorations especially lights, you should always take extra careful.  There are lights that are not safe.  Make sure to buy the lights that passed the quality control check to avoid fire at home.  There are various of fire incidents cause by poor Christmas lights.  These should leave a lesson to us to be extra careful.  It is better to be safe than sorry, right?  Safety first above all things so that welcoming Christmas and New Year with the family is merrier.

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Make sure the lights are safe

During Christmas season, we do put Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, balls, flowers and the likes at home. One decoration that we have to be careful is the Christmas lights. We have to make sure that the wiring is in good quality and look for the ICC sticker. Then we can tell that the lights are safe for it passes in the DTI standard. This is to avoid fire incidents. Fire incidents happen during this time due to low quality of Christmas lights that causes short circuit. There are lots of lights that are very cheap in the market, but poor in quality. Let’s not be tempted with the cheap price of the item because it can cause fire incidents.

In our house, we do have five kinds of Christmas lights, two on the Christmas tree, one on the ceiling and two outside the house. But before buying the lights I checked if there is ICC sticker and the wire is in good quality so the house is safe for short circuit. Also, I avoid octopus connection of wires because it is so dangerous. I do not mind buying expensive lights and other Christmas decorations, the important is we are safe and the house is safe for short circuit.

Do you have Christmas lights at home? Do you also check the ICC sticker?

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New sets of Christmas lights

I was checking at our old Christmas decorations and Christmas light to see if I could still them especially the lights before putting it on our Christmas tree.  I have four sets of Christmas lights but after checking it, only two of them are working.  The other two sets are not working anymore due to broken lights.  Well, I have been using it for two years in a row so I am not surprise if it doesn’t working anymore.  Because the two sets aren’t working, I guess I need to buy new sets of Christmas lights.

The lights from the broken Christmas lights were assorted colors, I thought of buying the same.  However, when I go to the nearest mall, I can’t find assorted Christmas lights that are blinking.  Mostly were only one colors.  I saw an assorted one but it isn’t blinking.  I decided to go to other department store.  I saw one but the price is not that friendly.  If I buy it I won’t be able to buy Christmas balls and other decorations.  I am so desperate to buy Christmas lights because I am excited to put up our Christmas tree.  Because the price of the assorted lights is out of my budget, I instead bought one color of Christmas lights to put outside the house.  I will just put the old Christmas light on the Christmas tree and if ever I find 100 assorted lights that are blinking, I will just add it at the bottom.

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