He wants a remote control car

Christmas is fast approaching.  People would be very busy attending different parties especially the kids.  One of the Christmas parties that kids are looking forward to is the party at their school.  They are so excited because their minds are set that they will be receiving gift/s.  Exchanging of gifts is what the kids are looking forward to at their Christmas party at school.  To them the party won’t be complete without exchanging of gifts.  Having said that, the sister would be very busy on her sons Christmas party at school.  She attended the meeting already and the parents decided that they will be the one giving gifts for their son/daughter.

The sister’s sons ages 6 and 4 years old.  And she will be the one who will give gifts to her sons on the party.  If she were to pick a gift for her sons, she wants an educational toys because it would really help them on their studies.  It would help her sons prepared for the next grade.  But she has to ask her sons of what gift they want for Christmas.  Her eldest wants a remote control car.  He is dreaming to have one after he saw one at the mall.  The nephew haven’t forgot it.  The sister will be buying two remote control car for her two sons so they won’t fight.

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Wanting a phone with television this Christmas

My father does have two phones, one for his business and one for personal use. But I guess he is not contented with his two phones anymore. He wants to have new phone this Christmas with television features. His reasons are that sometimes he wants to watch show on television in his room, also when he go outs, he can still watch his favorite show through phone. My sister and I don’t agree with him buying new phone but after hearing his reasons, we have to say yes. Besides he is using his money.lol And he wants a new phone as a gift for himself this Christmas.

Tomorrow is the day my father will buy new phone. We will go directly to the mall after withdrawing his pension. And of course he wants me to accompany him because he is lack of knowledge of what would be the best brand to buy. I insisted to buy myself so he won’t get tired but he wants to see it himself. Told me that, what if he doesn’t like the look and style of the phone. I guess my father do not trust my taste.haha Anyways, in exchange of accompanying him the father will treat me in my favorite fast foods and will buy something for the kids. One of the things that I appreciate much about my father is that he shares his pension through buying foods/treats for the family.

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