Spotted the phone at the mall

My phone is three years old. I so loved my phone because it is the fruit of my online job. It is in good condition because I take good care of my phone for three years. Though it fell several times, but with the rubber protection falling many times is not that bad at all. When I bought my phone, I told myself that I won’t be buying another phone because I am contented with it. However, due to lots of new phones in the market lately, I thought of buying new phone and will give my old phone to my brother. I haven’t found yet the phone that interests me that is budget friendly.

However, after doing window shopping last weekend I think I have spotted the phone at the mall that I am going to buy. The features are really nice that makes me want to have it sooner because the introductory price is affordable.   But I do not have money yet. I guess I have to wait for few months to save enough money for the phone. The thought of buying the phone excites me, but I am sad thinking that I will have to give my precious phone. Hopefully when I have the money, the phone is still affordable and friendly to my pocket.

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My brother will buy it instead

Before I finalized the plan of buying new phone, I told the sister about my plan of buying new phone and I want to sell my old phone. She doesn’t want me to sell it to others so she decided to buy it instead. We both agreed of the amount and when will she have to give me the payment. My phone is still in good condition, I just want to buy the one that I saw when I went to the mall. Well, I am expecting that sister will pay me this month because I am going to buy new phone next month.

However, she told me that she won’t be able to pay me because she doesn’t have extra. She changed her mind because she will be using the money for they will be going to the province of her husband this holy week. I felt sad because I really want to buy new phone. Guess I have to wait for her payment first. The older brother learned about my plan and told me that he will buy it instead. Woohoo! This is great! But first I have to tell the sister so she will not be expecting that the phone will be hers. When the brother pay me, I will immediately buy new phone.

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The phone is now fixed

Few weeks ago, I have bought cellphone/mobile phone for my niece.  It is the reward I gave because she did well at school.  She finished with honors.  And I have promise to give her a phone if she will finished with honors.  She was so happy when I brought her to the mall and let her pick the phone that she likes.  It is her first time to have a phone so she is so excited and curious of her gadgets.  She can’t get it off her hands so to speak.  She keeps on browsing and listening to the tones, looking at the graphics as her wall paper, and taking pictures.  There are no games yet, so she asked her parents to download few games on her phone.

Unluckily, her brother broke her phone.  They brought it to the technician and now it is fixed.  She smiled after seeing her fixed phone.  But her parents did not give it to her yet.  They will buy rubber to protect the phone if it fell, screen protector and will download more games too before giving it back to her.  Also, they will leave few words for her to take good care of her phone well.  I do hope that this time, niece will be more careful and will take good care of her things.

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The gift for the job well done

 photo cp1_zpsdffdae94.pngAs a promised that I will give them a reward if they finished with honors, I am buying the niece (Ella) a phone.  She really wants a phone so I am challenging her that is she finish with honors, I will buy her one.  Because she did well at school, she will be receiving a phone from me.  She wants a touch screen phone, so I am buying the one she likes.  I have something in my mind already of what to buy; however, buying her what I want instead of what she likes is not good.  So, I am rewarding the phone she likes.

Anyways, the phone I am sharing here is the phone that I bought for the niece.  She picks it personally.  We went to six different stores looking for the phone she likes.  The phone is not that expensive so when she told me she wants it, I said okay right away.  The timing is perfect because the store is on sale.  And the phone that the niece picked is on sale.  I am so happy because I saved 300 pesos.  Big smile on the niece face after paying it and handing it to her.  I told her to take good care of it and be careful always.  Congratulations Ella, good job!

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Helping her out

We work to survive, to buy what we needs and wants, support and help.  It is always good to see the fruit of our labor, right?  For me, when I have extra, I see to it that I will buy something as a remembrance.  May it be a clothes, gadgets, household stuffs or treat the family to a sumptuous meal.  I always make sure that I have a good memory with that extra that I have.  I have bought several stuffs from working online.  I am happy about it because I am able to buy what I like, needs and help the family in my own little way.

Anyways, the reason I am saying this is because the nanny of my nephew’s really remind me of myself back when I was working in the office and in the factory.  We do have the same views why we need to find a job.  She has been a nanny to my nephews for eight months now.  In her eight months, she has been buying things she wants/like and needs.  Also sent some help to her family in the province.  Right now her aim is to buy new phone for herself.  She wants a touch screen cellphone and phone that is WiFi ready.  Since she is not yet familiar in the city, I am accompanying her and helping her out to pick the nice phone to buy.  We are done window shopping last weekend, and she already picked the one she likes.  This weekend, we will be going to the store again and buy the touch screen cellphone she likes.  Congratulations to her in advance.

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