Wanting a phone with television this Christmas

My father does have two phones, one for his business and one for personal use. But I guess he is not contented with his two phones anymore. He wants to have new phone this Christmas with television features. His reasons are that sometimes he wants to watch show on television in his room, also when he go outs, he can still watch his favorite show through phone. My sister and I don’t agree with him buying new phone but after hearing his reasons, we have to say yes. Besides he is using his money.lol And he wants a new phone as a gift for himself this Christmas.

Tomorrow is the day my father will buy new phone. We will go directly to the mall after withdrawing his pension. And of course he wants me to accompany him because he is lack of knowledge of what would be the best brand to buy. I insisted to buy myself so he won’t get tired but he wants to see it himself. Told me that, what if he doesn’t like the look and style of the phone. I guess my father do not trust my taste.haha Anyways, in exchange of accompanying him the father will treat me in my favorite fast foods and will buy something for the kids. One of the things that I appreciate much about my father is that he shares his pension through buying foods/treats for the family.

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Early Christmas gift for myself

 photo 03dee063-00f3-4b6e-b472-4bd288ded3ca_zps77567ee6.jpg

My plan is to buy new phone this Christmas. The Christmas and birthday present that I would give for myself. I am looking for a phone that I am going to buy already. I just have to wait for the day. However, the plan was changed because of my older brother. Yes, he is the reason because he keeps on bugging me to give to him my old phone. He likes my old Samsung phone. At first I am hesitant to give it to him because my old phone was the first phone that I bought from the money I earned through blogging. It has sentimental value I must say. But giving it to my brother is a joy in my heart as well.

Before the brother leaves the house for his new job, I handed to him my old phone. I can see in his face that he is so happy. Even if the phone is three years in my position, it is still in good condition because I took good care of it. I value the things that I bought from blogging. Anyways, the photo I shared here is my new phone. My new baby and the new fruit of my labor online. Also, it phone is my early Christmas and birthday present for myself.

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Awesome cell phones promo but not this time

Last Saturday I went to the mall with my SIL, brother and the kids.  While they are busy picking for school bags for their kids, I am also busy strolling around the gadgets area.  I do not have plans yet of buying new phone, but it is in my thought.  Lol  Anyways, while I was strolling around looking for new and nice cell phones, I saw an awesome cell phones promo.  The phones are so nice and I so like it.  The phone is on plan.  I have to pay it for 2 and half years subscriptions and the phone is for free.  They say it is for free, but I bet it is included in the 2 and half years contract/plan of subscription.

The promo is so tempting I must say.  I really want to apply for their promo because I so like the cell phone but I guess not this time.  I have loads of payment obligations this year, and I do not want to add another one.  I might end up in debt row. Lol  I am pretty sure that there are more promos to come in the future, and more new nice cell phones too.  I will just wait for the right time.  I’ll be just contented with my current cell phone.

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Mobile Phone with Television

My father does have two phones already, one for his personal number and one for his business.  He bought his mobile phone for business five months ago.  And his other phone is three years ago.  Just recently, my SIL bought a new touchscreen phone with television feature.  It is really a nice phone and it is very much affordable.  My father looks at it and said he likes buy the same kind of phone.  I was like, WHAT?  How can he manage to have three phones?  Haha!  He sounds like a teenager who wants to have the latest on gadgets.

Well, my father’s just really like the television feature of the phone.  To him it would be nice to have this kind of phone because wherever he is, he can still watch his favorite show and can watch basketball games.  In a way, he is right; however having another phone is not practical.  At his age, he should instead save money than spending.  Besides it is not really a need.  It’s just a wants and soon he will gets bored on it.  I guess it would be more entertaining to have more games on the phone.  That’s what I did with my phone.  When I felt bored, I just select the game I want and play till I am feed up.  I really hope that my father will change his mind.  Also, I would suggest downloading more games to his phones.

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Downloading more games

Downloading games in my cell phone is not in my priority because I bought my phone so I can be contacted by my family, friends, close relatives and by the company that I am applying for.   I am contented with the free downloaded two games in my cell phone.  I have been using my phone for a year now and so far I am liking it and enjoying the games in there.  However, when I went to social security system (SSS) to pay my contribution, I got bored waiting for my number.  I arrived at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and I was able to pay my contribution after four hours.  Imagine the time I have waited for my number to be called.  I was playing the games in my phone while waiting for my turn.  Four hours of playing the same game is a boring but I do not have any choice because I only have two games downloaded.

Because I get bored playing the same game over and over again, I thought of downloading more games in my cell phone.  I have search nice games to be installed in my phone because I want nice games and not so complicated.  I already have some games in my mind; I will just add more games so I have more options to choose.  It would be nice to play more than two games so when I get bored I will go to other game/s.

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