Wanted to ride on the carousel

Every time I go out, I always bring my two years old nephew with me because no one will takes good care of him.  He has no nanny to look for him when I am out.  I do not have hard time when he is with me because he is a silent type.  When he wants something and I said “NO” he just keep quiet and never bother to ask me again.  But today, he is giving me  hard time.  He is grown up I must say because he does not take NO for an answer.sigh!

Just today, we are at the mall to in cash the check of my sister.  The bank that is convenient for us is located in the mall.  We were heading to the bank when he saw the carousel.  I told him next time because we are in a hurry.  To my surprised, he cried aloud and lay on the floor.  To make the long story short, he is having a little tantrums in the mall.  People in the mall is looking at him smiling.  I do not have any choice but to carry him because he does not want to walk anymore.  Spanking me and yelling at me saying he wants to ride in the carousel.  I tried to explain to him to make him understand even if he is not paying attention.  I am glad my sister is done in cashing the check before my nephew will gone wild completely.  Oh, kids are kids.whew!

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