Will give a perfect capture

Photos taken are remembrance of important events in our life. May it be sad or happy moments. When we missed someone or something, and we want to look back, we just have to get the photos that we have to bring back those memories. This is what cameras can do for us. Travellers, adventurous people and hunters always bring camera with them to capture interesting things/stuffs they have seen. Among those that I have mentioned, I guess the most difficult one is the hunter’s job to take a photo because they usually do it at night or when it is dark. The surrounding is so dark bringing a nice camera that will give a perfect capture is very important. If you like to go hunting you can find the best hunting cameras here. It has wide selection of cameras to choose from. It will surely give you perfect shot and capture. So, enjoy your hunting bringing the camera that will make you smile for every photo you capture.

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No replacement policy

Last month, my niece and older brother celebrated their birthday.  I wanted to take lots of photos on their special day but did not able to do it because the picture that I took will no longer be saving in my camera.  It says that the memory is full.  I was wondering why it is already full when in fact the photos that were saved are only 125.  I am sad because of what had happened.  I did try to browse the menu of the camera but I can’t see any problem.  I know that there is something wrong and I wanted to go to the store where I bought it for them to check of what is wrong with the camera and the memory card.

Because the camera that I bought is under warranty, I went to the store a week ago where I bought the camera and told them about the problem I’ve encountered.  They check the camera and the memory card as well.  After checking, they told me that the memory card is the problem and told me that they only replace the unit not the item that is freebies.  And it is so happened that the memory card is included in the freebies.  I felt sad because of their no replacement policy when it comes to freebies items.  Guess I have to buy new memory card for me to continue taking pictures.  I hope to buy new memory card soon because my camera is a big help in my blogging career.

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Forgot to bring my camera

Yesterday, we went to the beach because we ‘re invited by a friend on her 60th birthday.  My brother and his family are ready to go as well as my father.  Me? I am still facing my laptop while waiting for my sister to pickup her son.  When the sister arrived, I hurriedly get myself ready because any moment the service will arrived to fetch us up.  I wan not yet done when the service arrived.  I immediately shutdown my laptop, get dressed and put my laptop inside the laptop bag because I will be blogging at the beach.

We we’re inside the car when I remembered that I forgot my camera.  How can I take a photo if I see something interesting to share?  I am so forgetful nowadays.  However, I realized that it is really my fault.  If I put the things that I will bring at the beach early, for sure my camera will be inside my bag.  I should get myself ready so that when the service arrived, I am ready to go.  Well, another lesson that I should learned I guess.  Next time, when I have appointment or go to any occasion, I should start packing early to make sure my things are complete.

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Window shopping for digital camera

My next project to buy this year is a digital camera.  Though we do have digital camera already, I still want to buy one for personal use.  Also, I really need camera of my own so that I can bring it anytime and anywhere I want.  I never thought of buying one before until I started my life in blogging.  Through blogging I am able to buy things that I wanted to buy and buy foods that I wanted to eat.  I have bought two valuable things from the money I earned from blogging and I am so thankful for the opportunity given.

I am looking of a good quality and nice camera that is why I am doing the window shopping.  Window shopping makes me tired but I extend my patience for me to find the digital camera that I want.  Doing it makes me realized that window shopping is fun even if it is tiring and I like it so far.  I will do more window shopping till I find what I am looking for besides I am still saving money for it.  I now understand why there are lots of shoppers do window shopping first before deciding what to buy.


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