Accidentally deleted all the photos

Photos are a treasure that we love to keep for it has a story to tell and a memory that we want to keep.  We put it in the album or frame for us to reminisce it from time to time.  I admit I do that.  When I am alone at home, I look at those old photos and smiling while looking at the photos.  I must say that it is one of the wonderful treasure I have especially the photos where my mother is still alive.  I love to look back and look at the image of my late mother because I always missed her.  Also, loves to look back the days where we have that innocent look.LOL!

As the technology is developing, we do not use cameras now when taking pictures.  We just used our phones and save the photos in the phone gallery or posted it on the social media accounts.  That is how we share photos especially when the photos are nice and worth to share and tagging our love and friends ones for them to see the photos.  It is easier and we do not have to buy film or memory card in our digital camera.  However, the disadvantage is that it is easier to delete the photos. And that is what happens to my sister’s photos on her phone.  Her son accidentally deleted all the photos and videos in her phone while playing.

And that is what happens to my sister’s photos on her phone.  Her son accidentally deleted all the photos and videos in her phone while playing.  Her son always borrow her phone to play the games in her phone.  She confidently give it to her son, accident do happen unexpectedly.  The sister is angry and sad, but what she can do, the photos are already deleted.  She learned a lesson from what happen.  Always have a backup to all your files so that you have the extra copy.  And never leave your phone unattended to kids because their curious minds will ruin your files.

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Can't connect to camera

I handed my old tablet to my nieces after buying new one.  It is my gift to them though sometimes they are not good kids (not all the time though).  One of the main reason of course is I love them.  Since I am planning to buy new tablet, tabphone to be exact.  They can download as many games as they want.  They have been bothering me to download games that they like before but I did not to refrain them from borrowing.  Well, I am just protecting my gadget because kids are too careless.  I value my stuffs especially if it is the fruit of my labor.

Anyways, just tonight my nieces telling me that when she opened the camera to take picture, there is a pop-up on the screen saying, camera not connected.  I asked her what did she do but she nodded.  Something is wrong of the camera I must say.  I tried many times to restore and find the possible way but I was not able to.  I deleted some pictures and videos too but still camera is not connected.  I guess it is time to bring it back to the costumer service to have it checked.  Since it is out of the warranty, I told the niece to prepare money for the repair fee so she can take lots of photos using the tablet.

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No images captured

Pictures are one of the proofs in every activity, events, celebrations, travels and occasions that reminds us of the memories.  It is great to look back about the happenings in the past looking at the pictures, right?  That is why we always take pictures as remembrance.  I do like looking at pictures once in a while, in my leisure time and when I feel lonely.  Every time there is especial events, travel, occasion in the family, I always see to it that I captures everything for remembrance.  To me pictures are treasures to keep forever.  This is the reason I bought my own camera to bring with me wherever I go.

Last Saturday was the summer bonding of the family.  I keep my camera ready and charge the battery.  At the beach, I took lots of pictures of the family on the beach, playing cards, the kids enjoying the water, the room where we stayed, leaving the beach and the 160 steps stairs.  I enjoyed capturing the family while sweating on the stairs, and enjoyed looking at the photos before turning off the camera.  When we reached home and about to upload the photos to my laptop, I am surprised that some of the images was not captured, all I can see is white color.  I am pretty sure it was there because I am checking photos from time to time.  I felt really sad because 19 photos are gone.  I am sad because the missing photos are those that I like the  most.  The memories are only recorded in our minds.  Next time I’ll be careful and make sure I captured it correctly.

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Trying to connect the old camera to my laptop

My laptop has built-in camera and it is blurry.  I have tried many times before adjusting the settings but still it is so blurry.  I gave up doing it, since I am not using my cam regularly.  I do not chat regularly though.  I am busy with my blogging career, so I do not mind the blurry camera at all.  But lately, I have a friend from other side of the world that prefers to cam to cam when we chat.  The friend is keep on complaining of how dark my camera is.  He can’t see my clearly because we chat on my night time.

I have tried my best to adjust but I can’t find the right adjustments.  I do not have patience anymore, so I opted to get the old camera that I have.  Since I sold my desktop, I did not use my camera then.  I guess I need to use it now because it has better reception.  The problem is I do not know where I put the installer.  I cannot install the old camera.  Another problem I must say.grrrrrr  I have to dig the old stuffs to find the installer.  But where should I put it?? I wish I could find it sooner so I can connect the old camera because I am sick of the built-in blurry camera of my laptop.  Good luck to me!

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Warning: Battery Exhausted

Every event that the nieces and nephew attended, I always go with them because I do not want to miss it and brought my camera with me to take some photos for their remembrance. Last November 26, 2014 was their National Reading Month culmination. The night before the event, I checked the battery of my camera because I do not want to happen it again when I brought the camera during their recognition day last year and it went exhausted. I ended up taking pictures using the camera in my phone. Good thing my phone has

Since the battery is three bars, I am confident that it will not be exhausted fast. When the parade started, I took six photos of the kids. My camera has 15x zoom, so I can still take photos even if I am far. But when the contest proper started, there is warning that the battery is exhausted. Oh no, not again! I am really frustrated because I cannot use my camera anymore. We are not allowed to take photos near the stage and it doubles my frustration. Even if I am far, I still used my phone taking photos of the kids. Some photos are clear and some are not. Next time, I will make sure the battery of my camera is full bar. Even if it has three bars, I will still charge it to make sure.

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