Trying to connect the old camera to my laptop

My laptop has built-in camera and it is blurry.  I have tried many times before adjusting the settings but still it is so blurry.  I gave up doing it, since I am not using my cam regularly.  I do not chat regularly though.  I am busy with my blogging career, so I do not mind the blurry camera at all.  But lately, I have a friend from other side of the world that prefers to cam to cam when we chat.  The friend is keep on complaining of how dark my camera is.  He can’t see my clearly because we chat on my night time.

I have tried my best to adjust but I can’t find the right adjustments.  I do not have patience anymore, so I opted to get the old camera that I have.  Since I sold my desktop, I did not use my camera then.  I guess I need to use it now because it has better reception.  The problem is I do not know where I put the installer.  I cannot install the old camera.  Another problem I must say.grrrrrr  I have to dig the old stuffs to find the installer.  But where should I put it?? I wish I could find it sooner so I can connect the old camera because I am sick of the built-in blurry camera of my laptop.  Good luck to me!

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