Need a new washing machine with dryer

Our 30 years old washing machine does not look good.  It is asking for a replacement.  It is still working well except the dryer.  The dryer retired months ago.  But if you are to look at our washing machine you will feel bad and pity.  It broke once, but the technician fixed it well.  That is why it is still in service to us for three decades.  Lately, the drain part of the washing machine is not functioning.  The water drains even if I did not switch the drain.  The water will go directly to the dryer.  And the body of the washing machine has lots of rust. The washing machine is retiring.  If the machine could talk, it will probably say, enough!  But I talked to the washing machine to bare with for now.

I went to the supermarket last week and looking for a nice washing machine with dryer.  I need to buy the new one because the condition of the old one is not good.  I am afraid that it will explode anytime.  I am scared of the wiring especially that rust under the machine.  Anyways, I found a nice one at the supermarket  I went the other day, but will still looking for another brand soon and decide afterward.  I have to find the good quality product and budget-friendly.  I have to make sure that it will last longer just like our old washing machine.

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