Transferring songs with different brand of mobile phone isn’t easy

The phone of the niece doesn’t have games and songs yet. Because the technician of the shop where my brother used to go, is not available every time he goes. The cost per song is 5 pesos and 15 pesos per game. It is very affordable amount but when you have lots on list, it will be costly. To save some, I told the brother that I will be downloading songs for the niece’s mobile phone through my computer. I am asking the niece to give me the list of the songs that she likes me to download for her.

I have converted into MP3 all the songs that the niece want to put on her phone. It is now ready to transfer. I connect the phone to my laptop and start transferring the songs into the music file. My first attempt isn’t successful. I can’t find the songs. The music file is empty too. But when I connect it to the laptop it is there. I am really having a hard time transferring songs to her mobile phone compared to when I transferred songs to my phone. I get my phone and compared the process but the settings are different. The niece’s phone settings is complicated I must say. It took me hours and analysing of what to do. I so wish we have the same brand of phone. To be honest it pisses me off. I just applied the saying, “patience is a virtue’. After several attempts, the transfer was a success. Thanks to my patience.



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