Thanks to the technology

We used to see each other twice or thrice a month. But when she got an item to teach in the rural areas, we haven’t seen each other for like four months. I missed her very much and I missed our bonding. Among my college friends, she is the only one I have continued the communications. I lost contacts with some of my friends. That is why when she was assigned in the province I felt very sad because we won’t be seeing each other often and it means no bonding for us. She comes back in the city twice a month, but still no time to see each other because she is busy with her family and her son. I cannot afford to take her time with her family.

Anyways, last Sunday we have a date. I am so happy that she contacted me and asked me if we could see each other. I said yes right away because I missed her and missed our bonding. We had our date at the mall as usual doing window shopping, eating our favorites and lots of talking. We talked a lot while eating. We are enjoying when she said it is time for us to go because she will be traveling to the province in an hour. I felt sad because we aren’t done talking yet. I want us to talk more and hear our lives and many things. The time is limited so the topic is to be continued. Though we can talk through our phones, however, talking in person is much better. Thanks to the technology for the constant communication with my dear friend.

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Bonding at the park

Back then, the sister and I used to go to the park to relax and unwind.  It is our favorite pass time since our house was near at the park.  We like to ride in the carousel and enjoy watching the kinds of rides at the park.  And when we get tired, we sit down on the cement garden bench and enjoying the views.  I so missed those times when the sister and I have our bonding.  Now that we moved to our new house and the sister got married, we did not able to do the same things we used to do before.  The sister is busy with her life and I am busy too.  If we both have the time, I will invite the sister to go to the park with the kids.  Though the bonding would be different because the kids will be there but I am pretty sure it is more fun and chasing at the park.   For now, I will just be thinking of the memories the sister and I did when we were younger.

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