My laptop is back but lost all the files saved

My laptop is back and I am so happy.  The hard disk is new as well as the keypad.  But my happiness is not 100% because all my files are gone.  Yes, I am back to zero.  I lost all the photos I have uploaded, the moves I have downloaded, the themes of my blogs and other files saved in the document.  I have beg for the technician if he could retrieved all the files in my old hard disk.  I have waited for an hour hoping that the technician will do something about my old files, unfortunately he was not able to do it.

There is nothing I could do about it, I just accepted it that all the files in my hard disk can’t be retrieved.  I never lost hope though, I get my old hard disk and told my younger brother who is an information technology graduate.  He said that he will try to retrieved my old files.  I just have to wait till he finds time to get it because he lives far from us.  Hope he will be able to retrieve my files so my happiness will be complete.

Anyways, now that my laptop is back I can now continue my blogging career and will start applying for a new job online.  I am looking forward for the positive result of this new online job that I am going to venture.  Crossing my fingers and praying.

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Borrowing laptop of my sister

I laptop is still at the shop.  The technician already called that it is fixed and is ready for pick up, however I do not have the money yet.  I am still waiting for the help from brother.  I wish I have the extra money so I can get my laptop.  I still can update my blogs though and do my online tasks and stuffs, because my sister lend to me his laptop.  Good thing she has extra laptop, the laptop that I gave to her when I bought my new laptop and she needs one to do her lesson plan at school.  She seldom use this because she has netbook, but her old files are in the laptop that I gave.

The problem is that when the sister needs the laptop, I have to wait for her to finished her jobs before I can use the laptop.  I cannot use it anytime  I want but I am fine with that.  Every time I want to check my emails and check if there is writing job for me, I have to wait for my sister to arrived home from school.  It made me missed my laptop so much.  I hope that my brother will send help soon so I can get my laptop and do my online stuffs and blogging career.

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Having it with purpose

I am not into technology that much.  Aside from buying it is so expensive, to me gadgets are like a wants.  It is not really important to me at all.  Sometimes I even think that having high technology gadgets just for fashion and to let everybody “hey I have this and this”.  This is back then.  But when a friend of mine told me about blogging and how does it works, I feel the need to have my laptop.  However, I do not have money to buy laptop, I settled to the old desktop that my father bought for my brother’s studies.

After months of blogging, I really feel the need to have a better computer because the old one does not work well.  It took me minutes before a single window opens.  And it is not good if I do blogging.  When I learned about the lay away laptop, I asked the sister if she could get one for me since I cannot avail the said offer.  Good thing the sister said yes.  Now I have my laptop that always with me every where I go and gives me lots of blessings.  Having my laptop is with a purpose.  I did not have it for nothing, which makes me so proud of myself because I got it from the money I earned through blogging.  Now I understand that having high technology gadget is best to have it with a purpose.  To my friend who introduced to me blogging, I am always thankful of you. May God bless you more Anne.

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I am Blogging!

This morning I am doing my online stuffs when my father called me.  His arthritis is visiting him again and he is in pain.  When this time happens he is so demanding and always wants attention.  Oldies make me sick sometimes.  Argh!  My newfound profession in life is a nurse to my demanding and hardheaded father.  Though I am used to it because I have been his nurse for quiet sometime now, too much demanding lessen my patience for him.  Makes so tiring for me because I have also my nephew to look at to.

While I am away from my computer to attend my father, my nephew is at the living room busy playing.  His two sisters are on vacation that is why he plays alone.  When I came back to continue what I am doing, I saw my nephew facing the computer and typing.  I slowly come near him and asked him what he is doing.  He smiled to me and answered ‘ I am blogging!’ lol My little nephew makes me smile because he thinks he knew what is blogging is all about.  Then I realized, maybe he is observing me doing my blogging thing.  I used to use this line before when a friend and neighbors came to our house and asked what I am doing.  Smart little kid eh?  He has this gestures and his own style that amazed me and makes me love him so much.


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