Searching for a nice beach to have our family summer outing

Before the school year starts, the sister thought of treating the kids at the beach.  It will also be our family summer outing and bonding.  We usually have our summer outing every year, but this year I thought we will pass because we have other priorities that needs to be be done first.  It was an abrupt decision of my sister.  We have not know yet where to go.  One thing is so sure, it will be at the  She wanted to go at the south part of the city.  The problem is I do not have any idea of a nice beach in the area.

The abrupt summer outing will be this Sunday.  I have to search online of a nice beach soon.  I only have three days to do this.  Argsh!  My sister gives me short time to do this.  I wish I can do this mission.  Good thing I have internet connection, I can search online of a nice beaches easily.  Thanks to this technology for it will make this searching job easy.  I have to start now so I can report to my sister if there is any nice beach and have to show her the beaches for her to decide.  My goodness, I have to think of my outfit too.haha!

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Pink Friday #8: Beach Babies


These are my nieces during the beach graduation party of their cousin.  Seldom to take them a picture together because they always fight and Nana is a bit shy of the camera recently.  Have to persuade them to pose for my blog.  They got excited when I told them I would post the picture in my blog.  Oh by the way, they like seeing themselves on my blog.wink!  They are my models when I am looking for a picture to share to different memes I joined.  I have posted a picture of them at the beach.  This is the second time actually.  I posted this picture because I really like the way they pose for me.  They love to give their best post.:-)

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