Buying new battery instead

The battery of my watched died months ago. I did not buy new battery because I wanted to buy new watch last Christmas a gift for myself. But I did not able to because I bought new cellphone. It was my priority at first but when my second older brother asked to give my old Samsung phone to him, the planned was change. So, I bought cellphone instead and give the old one to my brother. My old phone is one of my investments from the money I earned through blogging. It means a lot to me, and so I am handing it down to my brother who means a lot to me more.

I went to different watch store and looking for a nice and not so expensive watch. It is so difficult to find one. I cannot afford to buy an expensive one at the moment because I have other priorities. I have consult my older sister and asked for her opinion. She told me not to buy new watch because the old watch is still in good condition. The old watch is a gift from my SIL to me nine years ago. I did not notice that it is already nine long years. The older sister told me that I should save not spends. Instead of buying new watch, it is best to buy new battery for my old watch because it is cheaper. It makes sense.

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New battery for the old laptop

After buying new laptop, I hand down the old one to the sister because she needs a laptop to make her do her paper works faster especially in computing grades for her students.  But before giving it to her, I told her that the battery will only lasted for an hour.  If she will bring it at work, make sure to bring the charger for her to continue use it.  I am thinking of buying new battery before but since the sister needs a laptop, I end up buying new one.  I am glad that she agreed that she will be the one buying new battery for the laptop.

However, since the sister is pregnant and she has lots of things to buy before the delivery date, she has to set aside buying the battery.  I felt sad because she cannot bring the laptop at school because she does not want to bring the charger.  haha!  She is not being lazy, just that it makes her tired bringing lots of stuffs at school.  She really needs to use laptop to computer grades faster, so I offered that I will be the one buying the new battery for the old laptop.  It would be my Christmas gift for her.  Good deal, right?  haha!

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Need new battery for my wristwatch

I was heading to the mall few days ago to meet my sister because she will buy things in the grocery.  I was not able to go early because I have to wait for the nephews to wake up from morning nap.  I can’t leave them to my father because the nephews are so messy and noisy.  The father get irritated especially if the kids are being so noisy.  I am supposed to meet the sister at 1 o’clock in the afternoon but the kids woke up at 11:00 in the morning.  I have to prepare the kids, dressed them and feed them early because it is lunch time for them.  I was looking at my wristwatch from time to time.

The last time I checked, the time is 11:30 in the morning.  I move hurriedly because the sister gets mad easily if I do not come online.  After a while I check the time and it is still 11:30 in the morning.  My goodness my wristwatch is not moving.  The battery is not working anymore.  I have to get my mobile phone to check for the time.  Although it is not included in my plan, I guess I have to buy new battery for my watch because watch is very important for me.  I cannot go out without a watch because watch is helping me in telling the time so that I will not be late if I have an appointment.

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