Excited to see their new home

Aside frm being so busy planing for their wedding next year, the brother and his future wife is also busy with their new home.  They want to finished it before the wedding day arrives so that they can slowly move some of their things early, so that when the big event arrives, all is in order.  Right now they are renting a room near the company where my brother works while waiting for their new home to be done.  They are also buying new stuffs to put in their newly built abode.  I was asked by my future SIL about the nice color of their curtain, painting in their new home and some small details.  Even if I am not an interior decorator, I did my best to be of help to her.  I have used my talent in mixing colors to make the ambiance of the home cool and cozy.

Their new home is almost done and we are so excited to see it.  We do not know about the furniture yet because my brother opted to buy appliances first.  They are done with their sound system.  The next on brother’s list is flat screen television.  It is an easy job however, the brother is a bit picky and he is a technician, so my suggestion would end up in a debate.  So we just let him pick the television he likes and suited to their budget.  Hopefully we get to see their new home early next year.

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Cabinet for kitchen appliances

Next to my room, kitchen is my favorite spot in the house.  It is my favorite because it the area where the family dine together.  As the family loves to eat, we spent most of the time at the kitchen smashing the foods on the table.   Since it is one of my favorites, I make sure that the kitchen is clean and pleasant to look at.  We have bought racks and plastic cabinets to put the glass, cups, plates and other kitchen utensils.  We also, hired handy man to make built-in cabinet to put the other kitchen wares we have.  Our kitchen is well-organized except for one thing.  We do not have cabinet for kitchen appliances like rice cooker, blender, pressure cooker, and coffee mixer.  I wanted these appliances/gadgets to keep in safe place that is why I am thinking of getting assembled kitchen cabinets.  Having this cabinet will make the kitchen very nice to look at because it is well-arranged. I would definitely spend more time at the kitchen.

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