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Addicted to play games

It started when I brought him with me paying at the SSS. No one will look after him so I brought him with me. My number was 932 when we arrived at the SSS. It is a long way to go. It would be a long waiting. After an hour of waiting, the three years old nephew gets bored. I gave him candy, biscuits, and the toys that I brought but those did not help him ease the boredom. The last option that I have is to let him play the games I have downloaded in my mobile phone. It helps, and I feel relieve.

We arrived at the SSS at 1 O’clock in the afternoon and my number was called at four O’clock. It was a long waiting I must say. I am thankful to my gadget because the nephew stays still playing the games I have in my phone. However, the addiction started. Every morning, he is asking for my phone because he wants to play, in the afternoon and even at night. We make stories that it is not good to keep playing because his eyes and his fingers will get hurt. But he has his weapon for us to allow him keep playing, the crying. He cries very loudly. We know that this addiction is not good at his age; we are doing our hardest to stop him from playing games on gadgets. I hope his going to school will make him stop this addiction.

The picos machine

Its election time once again here in the country.  It is the second time where the country uses the picos machine to make the counting fast and easy.  The first time the country uses the picos machine is not that impressive.  It is because some machines are not working and some does not know how to run it.  There was an issue before that the country is not yet ready to use this kind of high technology machine.  The people understand it because it is the first time using it and we will get used to it in the long run.

This year, is the second time to use the picos machine and I thought the country is ready since it is the second time using it.  However, the same problem occurs and some picos machine isn’t working.  Many are disappointed because some did not able to vote on the day of the election.  The malfunctioning of some picos machine does not stop the Election Day to happen.  Some did it manually instead.  Nevertheless, the election was a success and the people are now waiting for the final announcement of the winners.  The picos machine does help to make the counting faster.

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Hello world!

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The surprise present

Yesterday was the first birthday celebration of my nephew.  And one of the invited visitor is my friend who happens to be the godmother of my nephew.  I did not expect her to come because of the rainy weather and also we did have a miscommunication few weeks ago.   But she did come and I am so glad to see her.  My happiness was double because she gave me a very nice present.  I am so surprised and so happy of the present she gave me.  The present is a beaded headband that I so wanted to buy for myself.

Because I am so excited of the surprise present, I try it after she left to go home.  I was stretching it to put on my head when the tie that connect the rubber and the beads breaks.   Smiley  I do not know what happen.  Maybe my head is too big for the headband or the tie is not that strong.  I felt like crying seeing the present that I got on Christmas day is broken.  I am trying to fix it but I do not think I can fix it anymore.  I just keep it in my drawer and I hope I can fix it one day.  I am so sorry my friend that I broke the present you gave to me. Smiley

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On Panicked Buying

The sister is very much busy preparing the things needed for the first birthday celebration of her son.  She done it personally to make sure everything is okay according to her plan.  She is happy because all is ready however, she realized  she forgot to buy her son clothes to wear on his special day.  We then rush to the nearest department store to buy her son a t-shirt and a shorts.

When we reached to the department store, we are shocked because shoppers are on panicked buying.  We do not have any choice but to start looking for shirts and shorts for my nephew.  It took us two hours to finally decide of what to buy.  We feel relieved because we are finally done.   But  when we look at the cashiers area, the line is a bit long.arghs!  This is what I hate when buying things on rush hours.  In times like this, my patience are being tested and I ma so glad I have plenty of it.  I fall in line and patiently waiting for my turn.   Good thing the cashier in-charge moves fast.  It only took me 30 minutes of standing and waiting.  I am glad we are done and we can relax tomorrow to get our self ready for the small birthday party…

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