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Looking for promo ticket online

My father has been so sickly for the past days.  That is why he gets angry easily and losing his patience.  Even if we comforted him and tell that he is still blessed knowing that he is at home and not in the hospital.  Still he is angry.  We just keep quiet and understand him for we do not know the pain he feels.  Until one day, he told us that he wants to visit his province.  He said that, maybe his dead mother, grannies, father, brother wants him to visit them for it has been four years since the last time he went home.

Because the father is old and get tired of the long travel, it would be best to travel by plane instead of bus and ship to the province.  Two hours travel by plane is better compared to 14 hours travel by land and sea.  The father’s plans vacation is in three months, we have all the time to check of a promo plane ticket.  Good thing that we can avail this promo online using credit card.  We haven’t find any promo ticket yet, but we are still trying.  Hopefully we can get one or more tickets before the plan vacation.

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It eases the boredom

Six hours traveling by bus, six hours by vessel/ship and two hours to reach our destination which is the province of my grandparents isn’t easy, boredom will really strikes you.  Though I have been traveling to this place many times already, still I am not getting used to it.  I still feel the boredom.  I really wish that I do not have to go through all of it but I do not have a choice since I live very far from my grandparent’s province.  I know traveling is fun because we get to see nice things while traveling meeting new people and make friends, but at my age where I easily get tired I feel the boredom.

Last week, my brother and I went to Bohol, Philippines (province of my grandparents) for important reason.  Thinking about the time I have to endure to reach the province makes me feel really tired and bored.  Good thing I brought with me my tablet.  I enjoyed playing games uploaded in my tablet while traveling.  It really eases the boredom.  I did not notice the time passes.  Thanks to my tablet.  I can tell now that buying this gadget is worth it.  Though I did not able to use it doing my online job, yet I can still use it in other ways.

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Enjoy the ride to South Africa

One of my greatest dreams in life is to visit other country.  It would be a dream come true if I am able to visit at least one of the countries here in the world.  If given the chance to visit other country, I would definitely choose South Africa.  I have heard about the nicest tourist spots in the country that makes me excite to see the country for real.  I would bring the whole family for us to enjoy the place.  And for us to enjoy the place more, we will contact car hire South Africa to bring us to the places we want to visit.  Good thing there are businesses like car rental that helps the travelers and tourists enjoy the place.  It is an advantage to rent a car because it is less hassle compared to ride in a public vehicle or train.  With their kind of services rendered, I am pretty sure the whole family will enjoy the ride to South Africa.  The adventure of the whole family will be a memorable one.

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