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Need a new washing machine with dryer

Our 30 years old washing machine does not look good.  It is asking for a replacement.  It is still working well except the dryer.  The dryer retired months ago.  But if you are to look at our washing machine you will feel bad and pity.  It broke once, but the technician fixed it well.  That is why it is still in service to us for three decades.  Lately, the drain part of the washing machine is not functioning.  The water drains even if I did not switch the drain.  The water will go directly to the dryer.  And the body of the washing machine has lots of rust. The washing machine is retiring.  If the machine could talk, it will probably say, enough!  But I talked to the washing machine to bare with for now.

I went to the supermarket last week and looking for a nice washing machine with dryer.  I need to buy the new one because the condition of the old one is not good.  I am afraid that it will explode anytime.  I am scared of the wiring especially that rust under the machine.  Anyways, I found a nice one at the supermarket  I went the other day, but will still looking for another brand soon and decide afterward.  I have to find the good quality product and budget-friendly.  I have to make sure that it will last longer just like our old washing machine.

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Becoming a techie father

My father is not the techie.  He is not into social media and other stuff concerning the social media.  But because of his friends who have accounts on Facebook and active in social, he is eager to know about Facebook. He is a member of a certain group and most of their pictures when they have activities is shared on Facebook.  That is why he wants to buy the android phone and make the account on Facebook.  He wanted me to make him account on Facebook, but I refused because I do not have enough patience teaching.  My father is 70 years old, and teaching him will take time.  Don’t think that I am a bad daughter, just that he is too old for that.

With the help of my niece, his granddaughter, my father has the Facebook account now using her phone.  He has friends already and saw some pictures posted on Facebook.  And last week, my father finally bought an android phone.  I accompany him buying his phone because he wants me to pick a phone for him.  I picked a budget-friendly and user-friendly phone so my father not having a hard time operating it.  So far, he is enjoying his new phone and enjoying the downloaded games.  My father is happy with his new phone.  He bothers me sometimes, but it is fine because he is learning little by little.

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I wish to have my sewing machine

Sewing our curtain using my hands and needle and thread was my first sewing experience.  I was 17 then I think and was trying to show my inner talent.  Since we do not have a sewing machine, I just get needle and thread and started sewing the curtain by hand.  It was a success and I am so happy with the outcome.  The only problem is that it is not sewed perfectly.  It will not last long.  But still glad that I can sew it and proved to myself that I can sew.  I have the talent which I got it from my late mother and I will develop it.  That is what I told myself back then.

The second sewing experience was when I did the nieces and nephew’s costume on their book parade at school.  And the third was when I sewed the costumes of the nephew and his classmates on their presentation for their recognition day.  Thanks to our neighbor for letting me borrow her sewing machine.  Those experiences make me so happy because in a way I can pursue my dreams to become a dressmaker just like my mother.  I wanted to study dressmaking but was not able to do it for financial reason and I do not have time yet.  I wish to really pursue this dream of becoming a dressmaker someday.  Since I did not study yet, I wish to practice while waiting for the time to study dressmaking.  And I can only do that if I have the sewing machine.  Hopefully, I get to buy and have my own sewing machine.  Who wants to give and donate for me to buy the sewing machine? *wink*

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Back to hand wash

Our washing machine is 23 years old already.  It serves us for more than two decades.  It helps me a lot in doing my laundry because I do not need to handwash the jeans, bed sheets, and curtain.  Plus it has a spin dryer, so my laundry gets dry fast.  The washing machine lasted this long because I do not overused it too.  I only used it twice a week and never forgot to clean it after using.  But when my brother and his family moved in the house, the service of our washing machine is doubled.  I am not blaming them though because 23 years is more than enough.  The washing machine is now retired and will rest soon.

Because our washing is retired, I am afraid I have to go back to basic.  I have to do hand wash doing my laundry.  Thinking about it makes me want to cry because washing the jeans, curtain and bed sheets by hand won’t be easy.  I will see the wound in my wrist again like before.  I talked to my father about buying new washing machine but he said no.  Makes me want to cry harder and louder.  But I will never stop asking my father to buy a new washing machine.  I hope he will say yes before the old washing machine will be retired totally.  Crossing my fingers again!

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Extra Electric Fan for Summer

Summer feels here in the country.  I can feel the heat and the sweat already.  Times like this, I want to go to the beach or soak in the water the whole day.  The kind of heat that touches my skin now is not a joke.  It will really burn your skin.  When I go out, I always put sunblock lotion to protect my skin from the UV rays.  I also, brought water with me to avoid heat stroke.  What is worse is that even if I am inside the house I am sweating.  Well, this is not new to me though but the sweat is absurd.LOL

We have three electric fans at home, one in each room.  When we are in the living room, we just transfer one electric to use in the living room.  But now we need an extra electric fan to put in the living room.  We have to alternate in using it to avoid overheat.  There are lots of fire cases caused by overheat of the electric fan during summer.  Safety comes first, so instead of overusing the appliances, we have to have an extra.  Of course, you need to buy a good quality for longer lasting usage.

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