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The microphone is gone

This Saturday is the fiesta in our village.  We are busy listing the things we need to buy, cleaning the house, listing the foods we will prepare, people to invites, checking the speakers, sound system for the sing-a-long siesta and many more.  The older brother is busy checking the speakers, sound system, the DVD player and the microphone.  But he noticed that the microphone is missing.  He called my attention and asked me where did the microphone go.  I do not know what to answer because I do not know where it is.  The last time we have our sing-a-long session was a month ago, and it was his birthday.

I looked every corner of the house but I did not find the microphone.  How can we have our sing-a-long session this Saturday without microphone?  The brother is angry and yelling.  I wish I knew where is the microphone.  I am still looking for the missing microphone though, I still have three days left.  If I can’t find it on Friday, I will just tell the brother because he said he will buy new one so the fiesta celebration would be enjoyable and fun.  To the microphone, please show up and stop hiding.

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Would love to play with it one day

Hitting the table, the wall, the floor, and any hard object that can create sound is what I like to do when I feel bored while singing my favorite songs. Call me a frustrated drummer because that I what I am sometimes. I wish I have a drum so when I feel stress I can hit it till my heart’s content. I have read before that hitting objects or the drums is good for releasing tress. However, after seeing this handsonic from guitar center, I think I will be having this instead of a drum. The style is modern, nice and it is not as big as the drum that I a spying to have. I am pretty sure that this instrument creates lovely sounds and soothing to my ears. If given the chance I would love to play with it one day.

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Buying a second hand is not bad at all

A friend of mind always borrows the guitar and the music book of my brother every time he is off from work. Playing guitar is his favorite past time. He never gets tired of playing the guitar the whole day. He wanted to buy his own guitar but the one he likes is a bit expensive. To him it is better to just borrow for a while until such time he comes up with the amount he needed to buy the guitar he wants. However, an opportunity comes. Someone is selling his la patrie guitar at a very affordable amount. The friend is thinking of grabbing it but before he decides, he asked me if it is okay to buy a second hand guitar. I saw the item and it is still looks good. So I told him to grab it because it is the guitar that he so wanted to have. Buying a second hand one is not bad at all, you just have to make sure that it is still in good condition.

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A good choice of guitars

Based on my observation, guitar is the most friendly music instrument to have. It is easy to play, can practice how to play at home, and it is not expensive. That is why many preferred to choose guitar to play with rather than the other music instruments. My brother loves to play drums very much when he was in high school, but acquiring it is impossible he shifted to guitar. He can save easily to buy guitar because it is not expensive. Also, there are lots of options of what kind of guitar to have. One choice that the brother is thinking to have is the cool gibson hummingbird acoustic guitars. It’s nice, perfect guitar for him and friendly to his budget. If you are into music instruments like guitar, and would love to own one, try to see the kind of guitar that the brother like and see for yourself and decide.

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Amplifiers for the sister

Because my brother is thinking of buying new amplifiers to put on the sister’s house, I am taking the initiative to look for one online since my brother does not have the time to do it now because of his busy schedule. He cannot take a leave from his job because they are busy for the holiday. I did not tell him yet the tech 21 amplifiers at musicians friend that I found online. But I will tell him sooner so he can view it to see if it is worth to buy and if the price fits to the sister’s budget. There is no question about the quality I am sure of that because even I can tell that it is of good quality.

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