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Hannah Davis on Her Pregnancy and Cravings

Another couple is expecting a pregnancy this year! Congratulations to Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis! The 26-year-old model is putting her baby bump on full display in NYC on February 14 – one day after announcing that they were pregnant and we can’t deny that the bump became her best accessory.

They stepped out to promote the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue which was shot weeks after she found out she was pregnant. In the appearance, the model was wearing an itty-bitty bikini while photographed on the beach in Mexico.

She showed off her growing belly in a fitted black skirt with lace-up detail, Schumacher coat, Giuseppe Zanotti heels and a tight black leather skirt.

Talking to Extra on Tuesday, Davis opened up about her pregnancy and revealed that she has pretty intense pregnancy cravings. According to her, she doesn’t eat meat but now, she craves for beef jerky all the time. She also likes a lot of gummies, candies, and anything salty and sweet.

Davis and Jeter, 42, married in July 2016. When asked about the name of the baby, the model answered they haven’t decided on the name yet. It may take time for the name reveal as it seems that at this time, Davis isn’t on the game for brainstorming baby names.

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It's good to be back

Oh yeah, it is good to be back after four days of no internet.  I can’t believe I lasted for days without laptop and no internet.  Going online and started my day checking what is latest on my feeds and emails, is part of my daily routine.  And not doing it for like four days is like a torture.  It was hard to be honest but I do not have any choice because no internet connection at the province.  If there is connection and the signal of my Internet Provider is excellent, I would surely bring with me my laptop and broadband so I am updated on what is happening online, also checking and updating my blogs.

Anyways, four days vacation is over and I enjoyed it very much.  It really feels good to do nothing but relaxing, nothing to worry about and enjoying life offline.  I so missed doing the things that I used to do before I started my online career (blogging).  But since blogging is part of my life now and been doing it for almost five years, without laptop and internet connection is a torture.  But without it, on Holy Week is really nice.  It is the best time for me to meditate, rest, pray (for more blog opportunities in the coming days…AMEN!), and enjoy quiet moments especially at the province.  I did have peace of mind at the province.  I would surely do this again and again.

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It's Holiday Today

Today is Rizal Day.  It’s a National Holiday in the country.  It is a non-working holiday.  People will get to spend more time with their family.  My sister-in-law will go to the mall with her kids to spend time together and also to shop some stuffs for the holiday.  It is perfect time to shop today because malls offers huge discounts for the holiday.  Kids are very much excited because they have lists of things to  I am pretty sure their mom will be having headache today. Shopping with kids is very costly for they want to have almost everything interesting they saw.*whew*

Since it is holiday, I am free from babysitting.  I will make this day a resting day for me.  I do not have to look for the kids because their parents are with them.  I have all the time for myself.  I have peace and quiet at home.  I have thought of the things that I want to do today.  First thing to do is to update my blogs.  It has been days since the last time I updated it.  After this, I will look for a nice movies to watch online.  Romantic movies to be exact.  I will have movie marathon today.  Thanks to my internet connection I will get to see old movies that I like.

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To wake them up

School year 2015-2016 has just started.  The kids will be waking up early again to get ready for school.  As usual, their father will wake them up every morning.  I have told the nieces to wake up on their own because they are old already.  I also told them to set the alarm of their phones, but they are not listening because they know that their father will wake them up.  I wanted them to be more responsible and not so dependent.  It would be best if they could wake up on their own, and get ready for school while their father is preparing breakfast and their lunch box.

I thought of buying alarm clock.  Since they are not listening to me when I told them to set the alarm of their phones, an alarm will wake them up.  This would be a perfect training for them to wake up on their own when the alarm rings.  We used the same method before because our mother is no longer around to wake us up and father is always out of the city for job.  When I get used to wake up early, I wake up before the alarm rings.  Hopefully the alarm clock is the perfect method for the girls to get use of waking up early.

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Breast Augmentation… adds to self-confidence

Women today are very much concern with their figure and their body assets. They really work hard to get the figure that they want like waistline, breast size, hips, nose, lips and the likes. Having nice body, perfect measurements are achievement and blessings. Not all are gifted enough to have this perfect figure. The most common problem of women is having small breast size. Their self-confidence is lessening because they often get tease for being flat chested. However, today this issue is never a problem because there are lots of professional you can help women in getting the breast size that they want through breast augmentation surgery using the high technology equipment. It says that this process is painful, but it is worth the pain. After this process, your self-confidence is higher.

This is the reason why many clinics and professionals are offering this kind of surgery to help all women in need to feel better and satisfied with their appearance. They do advertising and uses marketing strategies to let the people know of the services offer. One good step is to visit marketing agency.  So, if you have the same line of business or any business that needs help to market your products and services you can do as others are doing.

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