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Paying the termination fee

For the second time, my internet connection was disconnected.  My upgraded internet connection is very strict.  When you forgot to pay the bills on time, they will terminate the connection right away.  Not like my old internet connection, they will cut the internet connection when you failed to pay the bill in two months.  I am not used to it yet, that is why I experienced internet termination twice in two months.  When they cut my connection the first time, they did not charge me for a termination fee. I just paid the unpaid bill and my connection is back after four hours.  The second time they cut my connection, I am charged a termination fee. I was angry because they did not tell me about the termination fee when I paid my bill last time.  But what can I do, I must pay it or else I do not have the internet connection.

From that experience, I learned my lesson not to neglect paying my internet bill because they are very strict now.  I do understand though, but it is difficult to accept that they will add additional burden to my internet bill.LOL!  At some point, I regret it upgrading my internet connection.  I should have stayed to my old connection which I have been using for four years.  Well, it is my sister’s fault because she is after of the phone home that is why she is persuading me to upgrade my internet connection.  Anyways, next time will pay my bill on time to avoid disconnection and the termination fee.

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Higher Speed Connection

I have been thinking of transferring to different internet provider many times already everything I am experiencing a slow connection.  But have not decided yet where to transfer because most of my friends told me to just stick to my current provider.  They have the same issue with their internet provider and advised me not to transfer.  If only there is another internet provider that have better and faster connection, we surely transferred right away.  It is not easy for me also to transfer because I have been using this connection for four years already.  I have no issue before but lately, I am experiencing slow connection.

Last week, my internet provider contacted my sister and offered this new connection with higher speed and better Mbps.  My sister told me about it since I am the one using the internet.  The offer is good and that made me decide to instead of moving to different internet provider, I would stay with my current provider and just upgrade my subscription to higher speed.  My new internet connection with higher speed just installed yesterday and I tried it already.  So far the connection made me smile.  I hope that I won’t encounter the same issue before.  I wouldn’t mind paying additional bill as long as I am happy and satisfied with my subscription.

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Online tutorial in making Christmas decorations

After doing my online stuffs (blogging) I watched different videos online.  I usually watched Korean Drama, cooking videos, music videos on YouTube, and other interesting videos.  It really eases the boredom especially if I am bored, feel sad and lonely. My cousins used to tell me that there are lots of videos online that is very interesting and helpful.  Because she learned how to do the knitting online.  I must say she is very good in doing it.  It seems like she enrolled in a knitting class.  She knitted dress for a doll, cellphone case, ribbons, flowers and many others.  It got me interested, and said that I will try it soon when I have the time.  Right now my time is full.

Last week, I got the chance to watch tutorial videos online and I search on how to make Christmas decorations since Christmas is fast approaching.  I look for a nice decorations to put on our Christmas tree.  I am thinking of having different decorations this year.  Well, I do it every year though having different motif on our Christmas tree.  Going online give me an idea on what would be our Christmas tree look like.  Indeed, watching online tutorial is fun and at the same time you can learn from it.  I have save some videos which I can watch when I started to make my Christmas decorations.  In the video that I watched, the decorations are unique and you will spend less.  You can also recycle the old decorations you have and some old clothes.  Thinking about it makes me so excited.  Good luck to me.

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Loving the new feature

Everyday I have to wake up early because I have to send the nephew to school.  One morning, I woke up an hour early.  I tried to go back to sleep but I cannot.  Instead of forcing myself to go back to sleep, I took my phone and started browsing on Facebook and checking my emails.  It has become my daily routine I must say.  When I wake up, I go get my phone and check on emails, checking notifications on Facebook or watching Korean drama that is downloaded on Facebook.  I really appreciate the happiness this modern technology brings.  Just do not over use or so dependent on it.

Anyways, when I open my Facebook it says that I need to update to.  Another feature is coming up.  After the update I saw this Go Live application/feature on Facebook under status.  This is may be the apps that my friend is using for I have seen her status saying that she is live.  It looks interesting.  I have tried it once last Sunday and it was fun.  I was live on Facebook waking up the nieces for early church.   I really like this feature/application.  I seldom post an update on my profile but will surely make an update using this Go Live feature.  You should try it Facebook users because it is fun.

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Hope they will not disconnect me yet

Argsh!  Laziness strikes me today.  I am supposed to go to the mall to pay my internet bills today.  But after church I do not want to go out anymore.  I feel the need to get some more rest and sleep for I got too tired this week.  I have an overdue account and my internet provider already sent me message to settle my overdue account to continue using their service.  The new bill will be sent soon that is why they are sending me message to avoid disconnection.  I am used to it and I do not mind if they will cut off my connection.  I can go settle it if disconnection happens.LOL!

I am being irresponsible again of my bills.  I have this habit of procrastination.  Most of the time I pay bills on the due date.  I am a last minute payer.  Well, I cannot go out during weekdays because I babysit two nephews.  In the morning I have to send and fetch the kids from school.  In the afternoon, instead of going out I like to take the chance to rest and catch up from sleeping.  On weekends, I prefer to stay at home to rest as well.  Sometimes I pay my bill at the mall during Sundays, but today I felt lazy to go out.  I went to the sister if she will go to the mall and asked if she could pay my bill for me.  I am glad she agreed but last minute she changed her mind.  I guess I have to pay my internet bill next weekend.  Hopefully they will not disconnect me this week.

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