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Wishing to have new fishing rod

The older brother’s first love is go fishing.  He loves to catch fish even when we we’re younger.  We saw his passion to it.  This is because we live near the beach and he saw fisherman caught fish every day.  Makes him dream to go fishing when he gets older.  We even teased him before to pursue this dreams and stop going to school.haha!  But this passion of him has gone when we moved to new place.  His passion shifted to playing guitar.  Which is nice because we can do bonding on our leisure time.  He will play his guitar and I am his singer.  Not a good singer though.haha!

Indeed, it is true that love never dies because the brother’s passion in fishing comes back.  He meets new friends once when we go to the beach swimming.  His love for fishing brings back and now he wanted to join his new-found friends in fishing.  He will not be doing it full time though, just during Sunday which is his day off from work.  The brother is now looking for a new fishing rod.  His old fishing rod is not good for fishing and he is wishing to have new one.  Sorry brother can’t grant your wish right now, maybe some other time when our resources is enough.

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Listening to my favorite love song

Every time I wanted to unwind after finishing my online tasks, I always watch for music videos on Youtube. I like to watch songs from the 70’s and 80’s more. Yes, I am into oldies songs because to me it is more inspirational and love songs from then. It is heart-warming even if it is a sad love song. One day while I was browsing looking for music videos to watch, I bumped into a video of a person playing the trumpet. I watched the video because he played one of my favorite love songs. I haven’t heard it played on trumpet before so I got interested to watch and listen. It is really nice and soothing to my ears because of the cool etude etr-100 he is using. I bookmarked it and when I wanted my mind to relax, I open the link and listen to my favorite love song played in trumpet. In times like this, I appreciate more the advantage of technologies. I do not need to buy CD’s of my favorite songs. All I need is to browse online and I can listen to it anytime I want for free.

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Yes, Success!

I love listening to music online.  It inspires me while I am writing the tasks that were given to me.  I got lots of idea when I am listening to music, though I did not understand the lyrics because it is all Korean songs.  Well, I am just listening to the melody.  The melody of the songs is really nice that inspires me a lot.  I uploaded all my favorite Korean songs in the computer first since I do not have CD yet.  I did asked the brother on how to burn the songs from my computer to the CD.  I have tried burning before, but I did not able to burn it and I am so frustrated.  This time I want to try it again.

Yesterday, I bought blank CD so I can burn the Korean songs that I have uploaded in my computer.  I would like to play it in our CD player and hear it from the new speaker that my brother bought.  After several trying, burning is successful.  Yes!  Good thing I did not give up after seeing the error on my screen.  I just follow what my brother told me and keep trying.  I can now listen to my favorite Korean songs without opening my laptop.  I will download more songs and transferred it to CD.  I am more inspired now I must say.

What about you? What is your inspiration/s while doing your tasks?

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I miss doing the cross stitch

I started doing cross stitching as a project at school.  Since then I am hooked up and it has become my hobby.  I have collections of different patterns to stitch but did not able to do it all.  Out of the ten that I have collected years back, I have only done five of it.  I do not have time then because I am a bit busy at school.  I cannot do both studying and stitching at the same time because time is very hectic.  Doing it is quiet expensive for a student like me.  And also, cross stitching takes lots of time to make a single pattern.  So, I decided to put cross stitching stuffs in a box and do it when I have lots of time.

Today, while cleaning the house I saw the framed cross stitch pattern.  Suddenly, I miss doing it.  I check the box where I put the needles, threads and patterns that I keep for years.  It is still there and waiting for me to have time to do it again.  I do not have time still because I have other things to do online.  It is so sad that I was not able to make the five remaining patterns that I have collected.  I hope that one day I will have the time to do it and have it frame to hand it on the wall of our house.  Seeing the framed ones makes me smile because at reminds me of my high school and college days.  I remember when that I used to bring it at school and do the cross stitching during my free time.  Soon  I will do cross stitching again and add it to my collections.


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