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The Christmas tree is light and up

Two weeks ago, our Christmas tree at home is up.  I set it up while the kids are sleeping because when they around, I won’t be able to finish it.  Just like the previous years, the kids were surprised when they woke up in the morning and saw the Christmas tree in the living room.  And as always, thier lips are pouting for they wanted to help putting up the tree, but I did it all by myself.  I am used to it, and their pouting lips are no effect to me.  When they are older, I will be the one telling them to set up the Christmas tree at home.

However, the Christmas lights are no longer working.  Wires are broken, I do not know why.  I have keep it safe in the box.  I have to buy new lights for the Christmas tree and lights to put outside the house.  When the kids saw the tree, they are looking for the lights because they want to light up the tree but was not able to for the old lights are broken.  I have contacted the older brother who is electirician, if he could fix it but instead, told me to buy new one.  I am sad because the lights was bought just last year.  But to be safe, I need to buy new one.  Good thing the older brother gave me money.  Our tree is up and light now.  Thank you brother.

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Teaching him to save money

Life is indeed not easy especially when we are experiencing difficulties in life.  We have to be ready always because we do not know what is going to happen to us the next day.  One of the good ways to be ready is to save money and do not spend beyond your means.  Saving money is one of the best things to do so when the rainy days come, we do not have to worry much because we have savings.  We do not need to borrow money because we have savings that we can use.  Though we are praying to be in good health always and safe.

The sister wants her kids to be ready always and thought them to save than to spend.  She bought piggybank for her sons and thought them to start saving at the young age.  She explains to them the importance of saving money.  It is for their future and future use.  Her eldest is only seven (7) years old and understands her explanation.  In fact, the nephew is so excited to put money in her piggy bank and he already has in mind what to buy when the piggy bank is full.  Hopefully, he will get what he wants in due time.

How about you?  How did you tell to your kids to save money?

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Searching for a nice beach to have our family summer outing

Before the school year starts, the sister thought of treating the kids at the beach.  It will also be our family summer outing and bonding.  We usually have our summer outing every year, but this year I thought we will pass because we have other priorities that needs to be be done first.  It was an abrupt decision of my sister.  We have not know yet where to go.  One thing is so sure, it will be at the  She wanted to go at the south part of the city.  The problem is I do not have any idea of a nice beach in the area.

The abrupt summer outing will be this Sunday.  I have to search online of a nice beach soon.  I only have three days to do this.  Argsh!  My sister gives me short time to do this.  I wish I can do this mission.  Good thing I have internet connection, I can search online of a nice beaches easily.  Thanks to this technology for it will make this searching job easy.  I have to start now so I can report to my sister if there is any nice beach and have to show her the beaches for her to decide.  My goodness, I have to think of my outfit too.haha!

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The television is fixed

Our old television stops working almost two years ago.  Yes, it lasted that long because we are waiting for my brother who is a technician to fix it.  Even if he told us to bring it to the technician to have it fixed because he is too busy with his work and he does not have time to drop by.  We do understand him because he lives far from us.  We decided to wait for him to fix it.  We do have a television in our living room anyways.  Patience is a virtue indeed because after two years the brother finally fixed our old television.The kids are I are

The kids and I are the happiest because we can now watch our favorite tv shows in the room.  We can now watch our favorite show while laying down in the bed.  And I can now watch documentary shows alone which are usually aired late night.  I so missed watching documentary shows when the old television is busted.  I watch this kind of shows alone and watching alone in the living room makes me scared.LOL  Yes, I am scared to be alone.  In fact, I shared the room with my two nieces because I am scared sleeping alone.shhhhh! ,

Anyways, thank you very much brother for fixing the television, thought it took you so long to do it.

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New Stuffs in the Kitchen

It is in my wish list last Christmas to buy new stuffs in the kitchen.  I have started listing the things to buy in the kitchen while cleaning the house.  I do this every time I am doing the general cleaning at home.  The kitchen is my second favorite place at home.  I would like to make our kitchen clean and with complete with kitchen wares.  Also, to help me out in making my kitchen organize I search online of different kitchen style.  I am not dreaming of a really beautiful kitchen, just a simple but elegant looking kitchen since I am the queen in our kitchen.  I stay most of the time in the kitchen cooking foods for the family.  Cooking would be more fun with beautiful ambiance in the kitchen.

Anyways, I have started buying the things that I need in our simple kitchen.  Also, contacted the carpenter who will construct and renovate our kitchen.  Hopefully I get to see the new look of our kitchen.  Thanks to the idea that I have searched online.  Indeed this new technology is of a big help.  You do not need to contact an interior decorator to help you out decorating your home, kitchen, or bedroom.  You just have to click online and search of the information you want to know.

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