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Catching it up online

Yesterday was the finale of the show Asia’s Next Top Model.  And I am so happy that the country’s representative bagged the most coveted title.  For the past four cycle, the country’s representative failed to bag the title, but they do make it to the top three.  I must say that Philippine is a strong contender.  They are a threat to other contestants.  At some point, I do not feel like watching the show because of what had happened to the previous representatives.  But because I am a fan, I am still watching and supporting the contender from the Philippines, my country.

The Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 has just ended.  I am so happy that the country’s representative brings home the bacon.  I missed some episodes because of show conflicts.  We only have one television at home, and I do not have the full authority.  I do not feel bad at all every time I missed an episode because I can catch up by watching it online.  Thanks to my internet connection and to this modern technology.  I can watch it all over again.  Anyways, congratulations to Maureen Wroblewitz for winning the Asia’s Next Top Model.  She may be bullied by other contestants, but she stood still and proved to them that she deserves to be there and proves to them that she is more than a pretty face.

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If I were to sponsor

Here in the village where I live, the homeowners association conducted basketball league during summer and Christmas.  This is to give the youth something to make them busy while on school vacation.  I am a big fan of this league here in the village.  I even asked my a friend to become the sponsor.  I did not say yes back then because I am afraid I cannot be able to support and give what they are expecting from me.  It is not easy to sponsor a team and sponsor one of their major prizes.  But this is back then, now I am ready and willing to sponsor if they would ask me again.  If ever the organizer will ask me, I would like to sponsor the trophies and will order fantasy basketball trophies for the winners.  I am pretty sure that they would love the trophies that I am going to buy because it is of good quality and has the awesome designs and styles.

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Watching their favorite cartoon show

PhotobucketAfter the girls are done with their household chores, they can now watch their favorite cartoon show on television.  They are watching together with these two little boys.  I was checking if they are doing their chores right when I saw these four little angels enjoying the show.  I took my camera and take a snap of them while watching the show.  They are so cute right?  Even if I told them not to sit on the center table, they still did.  I guess kids are like that, wanted to watch it closely.  They did not know I took a photo of them until the flash from the camera catches their attention.

I am glad that they are good kids on that day.  Very cooperative and friendly with each other.  They always fight almost everyday but during this day, they aren’t.  Maybe because I gave them chores to make them busy.  I am able to finished my tasks online.  Thanks to this technology, the television, for it entertains the kids while I am busy facing the computer.  Indeed, watching television is not bad at all for the kids especially when they are watching cartoons.  Some cartoon shows are informative and educational.  Things that the kids should watch to learn.

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The Orlando's Entertainment Capital

Want to experience a once in a lifetime chance vacation with total blast of excitement and fun?  Will then, book and get this Universal Studios Orlando Packages.  A must grab package for the family’s vacation.  The package includes hotel accommodation and  the chance to be at Universal Studio Resort.  The family will surely enjoy the sites, rides, shows and much more entertainment that the package includes.  You will never think of going to sleep because you can enjoy your stay even at night.  The night will be filled with so much fun and excitement with music, dining, shopping and much more.

Who wouldn’t want this kind of packages?  I am and I am pretty sure you do as well.  We all wanted to be entertained and the best place to be is the Universal Studios.  The perfect spot for entertainment that the place offers.  The studio will surely entertains all their visitors and guests.  Watch your favorite movies and shows and enjoy the stay.  Worth to spend the vacation, isn’t it?

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