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Accidentally deleted all the photos

Photos are a treasure that we love to keep for it has a story to tell and a memory that we want to keep.  We put it in the album or frame for us to reminisce it from time to time.  I admit I do that.  When I am alone at home, I look at those old photos and smiling while looking at the photos.  I must say that it is one of the wonderful treasure I have especially the photos where my mother is still alive.  I love to look back and look at the image of my late mother because I always missed her.  Also, loves to look back the days where we have that innocent look.LOL!

As the technology is developing, we do not use cameras now when taking pictures.  We just used our phones and save the photos in the phone gallery or posted it on the social media accounts.  That is how we share photos especially when the photos are nice and worth to share and tagging our love and friends ones for them to see the photos.  It is easier and we do not have to buy film or memory card in our digital camera.  However, the disadvantage is that it is easier to delete the photos. And that is what happens to my sister’s photos on her phone.  Her son accidentally deleted all the photos and videos in her phone while playing.

And that is what happens to my sister’s photos on her phone.  Her son accidentally deleted all the photos and videos in her phone while playing.  Her son always borrow her phone to play the games in her phone.  She confidently give it to her son, accident do happen unexpectedly.  The sister is angry and sad, but what she can do, the photos are already deleted.  She learned a lesson from what happen.  Always have a backup to all your files so that you have the extra copy.  And never leave your phone unattended to kids because their curious minds will ruin your files.

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My beloved cellphone….

This will be the one of my saddest post i have ever written.  A quick and a short one, I just want to share how  is my day was.  Earlier my cellphone accidentally fell from the drawer.  Someone is sending me a message and when I get it from the drawer, it slipped on my hands.  It fell so really bad when I picked it up the screen goes empty.  I want to cry so loud because my beloved cellphone is in trouble.  I turn it off, get the battery out after a few minutes get it back and turn it on.  I am so happy that there is already a display.  After a few minutes no display on the screen.huhuhuhu

This is really a bad day for me.  I turn it off again and let it rest until tomorrow a little experiment of mine.  I just hope when I turn in on tomorrow screen will be back to normal.  It has been my phone for years now and it has been a part of my life. I will be so sad if my beloved cellphone is broken.  I am crossing my finger till tomorrow.