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Importance of SEO and Internet Marketing

I am managing multiple blogs/websites.  I have been doing it for almost three years now.  I monetize some of my blogs/websites too.  It is my bread and butter I must say.  However, lately I am having some difficulty in monetizing it.  Someone told me that I should work more with the SEO (Search Engine Optimation).   I should double my effort to make my website more visible in the search engine.  I guess I should work in increasing backlinks/inbound links in my blogs/websites.  It would take efforts, time and dedication to make it happen.  Also, I should work in posting relevant information to attract more visitors.  So, if you own a business or websites and you want to promote it, you can try the internet marketing.  This strategy will make your website/business visible; more visitors will come and eventually will become your loyal clients.  They have all the tools you needed to turn you into a successful website/business owner.  I will for sure try this strategy because I want to succeed in the field I choose to grow and be successful person.

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Tools and materials for his construction job

The brother is accepting construction job through recommendation only. It is because he is not allowed to do a job that would make him so tired because of his condition. He only does not so heavy job for health reason. Construction job is his part time job only. It has been more than a year since he left this job. Now, he was hired in renovating a boarding house. The job would only last for six weeks, so the brother grabbed the opportunity. Since his tools are not in good condition because of rust and it is a bit old. He needs to buy new tools and materials for him to do the job. Every time the brother thought of buying new tools and materials, he always go directly at the reid supply co because it has all the tools and materials he needs. To him, it is a one stop shop at reid supply.

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Need new printer

Years back, I have typing and printing business.  But I stopped when I open small grocery store (sari-sari store) at home.  It would be difficult for me to handle two businesses at once because I am also doing blogging stuffs.  I first gave up my printing business since it is very slow compared to my small grocery store (sari-sari store).  Unfortunately, after two years of handling my small store, I decided to close it up.  I am sad about it because I have invested much to that business; however, it is not earning much because of competitors so no reasons to invest more when I earned less.  I decided to focus on doing my blogging stuffs.

Just recently, the sister and I talked about opening the printing business again. This is because they have lots of printing job at school.  And said, it would be best if we have our own printer and will do printing job at home and got paid by her as well as her co-teachers.  Hearing the proposal makes me smile.  And said, why not try it again.  It would be best to have extra earning aside from earning online.  I am checking the old printer that we have, but sad to say it does not work well, the ink cartridge gone dry.  I tried to put ink and print one but did not run well.  I guess I need to buy new printer to start the printing business.  I hope that we will be able to buy new printer before classes’ starts.

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The shop that worth to visit

I have visited shops that sells guitar here in the city and browsing in the internet where I can find nice guitar that I could suggest to my friend who is searching for a nice guitar to buy. His old guitar was broke by his uncle when he did not able to do the thing that his uncle wants him to do. He is sad but admits that he deserves it. Anyways, he’s been checking out of where to buy nice guitar too but haven’t decided yet. I wanted to help that is why I am checking online too. Luckily I found the best fender custom shop and checking it already and I so liked it. I can tell that the shop is worth to visit, so am going to tell it to my friend to help him decide of the best guitar to buy. Soon, am will be hearing him play guitar again. This time, he will be a good nephew to his uncle.

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One way of promoting

One store here in the city are on closing out sale.  The owner decided to close the current business because she wanted to venture into another business.  Maybe the current business is no longer profitable that is why she wanted to open a business that is more profitable.  Because she is in closing out sale, she is giving flyers to everyone who passes by to let the people know about the sale.  Also the owner puts a banner outside her store for the people to know.  Giving flyers is one way of promoting and this one is effective because the people will definitely give some of their time reading flyers that they have received.  I am saying this because this is what I do. haha!  Anyways, if you want to promote your products, services, offers and many others, do this kind of strategy so that the people will know.  You can order at for wholesale printing.  They will give the design that attracts people.  I am sure that this strategy is very much helpful for your business to be known to others and gather clients and customers.  And this means one thing, profit and income.  So, good luck and be a successful businessman/businesswoman.

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