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My laptop is back but lost all the files saved

My laptop is back and I am so happy.  The hard disk is new as well as the keypad.  But my happiness is not 100% because all my files are gone.  Yes, I am back to zero.  I lost all the photos I have uploaded, the moves I have downloaded, the themes of my blogs and other files saved in the document.  I have beg for the technician if he could retrieved all the files in my old hard disk.  I have waited for an hour hoping that the technician will do something about my old files, unfortunately he was not able to do it.

There is nothing I could do about it, I just accepted it that all the files in my hard disk can’t be retrieved.  I never lost hope though, I get my old hard disk and told my younger brother who is an information technology graduate.  He said that he will try to retrieved my old files.  I just have to wait till he finds time to get it because he lives far from us.  Hope he will be able to retrieve my files so my happiness will be complete.

Anyways, now that my laptop is back I can now continue my blogging career and will start applying for a new job online.  I am looking forward for the positive result of this new online job that I am going to venture.  Crossing my fingers and praying.

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How to Optimize Videos to Embed on Blogs

movaviOne of the most popular ways to publish video content on blogs is to embed it from an online video sharing platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. The advantages of doing so are easy – not only do you reduce the ‘load’ on your website and the bandwidth of your webhost, but also you get to capitalize on the platform’s features such as adjustable resolutions.

That being said, before you upload your video to any of these platforms – you will want to optimize it first. Although many platforms generally support a wide range of video formats and settings, each one still has certain ‘recommended settings’ and it is worth adhering to them to make sure that your videos turn out properly.

If you want to you could look up the recommended settings and convert your video from  MP4 to MPEG or any other format to match them yourself – but with Movavi Video Converter there is a much easier way to do so. The software comes with numerous presets that cater to all types of devices and online video sharing platforms – so all that you really need to do is select one for the platform that you’re using and let it handle the rest.

As you can see, optimizing a video to embed on blogs is really very straightforward with Movavi Video Converter, but to ensure the best results you should also take advantage of its other features. By using it to cut and combine segments of video, enhance the video quality, crop or rotate the video, and add customizable text, you will be able to improve your video prior to uploading it.

More importantly, the software can also do a lot more to produce media files based on your videos. In particular you will find that using its capabilities to create animated GIFs from your video clips, extract audio tracks from videos, and grab screenshots from video frames are extremely useful and open up tons of options in terms of how you use video content on your blog.

In short, with Movavi Video Converter you can quickly optimize your videos to embed them on a blog while also making use of them in various other ways. To put it simply, the software can be used as an ‘all-in-one’ media converter that will be essential to help you prepare videos and other media files for your blog.

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Blogging without lights is not easy

After hours of facing the laptop thinking of what to write, finally I have something to share tonight.  I am browsing on the internet, checking what it latest on Twitter and Facebook and looking at photos because my mind is still empty of what to write.  Honestly, I do not have any idea in my mind.  I am squeezing my brain very hard to come up with an idea because I need to update my blog.  It has been days since the last update.  I guess Lord is looking at me and wanted to help me because in the middle of my thinking the bulb is busted.

Oh yeah, light in my room shuts down.  Even if the room is so dark still I am trying my best to update my blogs.  So, my share tonight is my experience of blogging without lights.  This is not new to me though because it happens several times already.  Indeed it is very difficult blogging without light.  I am only depending on the light that comes from the screen.  My eyes are teary and mosquitoes are making their presents too.  But my determination of updating my blogs does not stop me from doing it even without lights.  Whew*  It is not easy and I am glad I am done.  I thank the bulb for giving me an idea what to share here.  Goodnight folks!

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Writing interims using my tablet

Every time I am writing interim for my blog I used my laptop. I just saved in my files what I have wrote and paste it on my blogs when I need to update my blogs. I write in advance when I do not have much to do and I feel bored. I want to my day to be fruitful that is why I am writing while killing the time. Sometimes I do not feel like opening my laptop. I just want to lay down, resting and relaxing. Even so I am resting and relaxing, my mind is wandering around thinking of so many things. If I am not lazy, I have written many interim while lying down.

I am thankful I have tablet now. I can write even when I am laying down. I can write while watching television. I do not have to open my laptop every time I feel like writing because I can use my tablet, saved it and transferred it to my laptop to paste it in my blogs. I find my tablet more useful now. I do not have the regret feeling of buying it anymore because my tablet is helping me. So, when I am tired sitting and facing my laptop for hours, I can lie down and continue writing using my beloved tablet. I am glad I bought tablet.

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Card number is not correct

To get the code from PayPal that was sent to me through my online banking account, I have to open my account there.  I have read the instruction very carefully for me to not commit another mistake.  I had several mistakes earlier that cost me lost some from my account.  It is very difficult to accept thinking that the money went away for nothing.  It is the price I have to pay for not following instructions I guess.  Anyways, I am so happy that I am closer to finish linking my EON card online. 

However, after putting my card numbers as my temporary user id and my password, the word ‘card number is not correct’ on my screen.  I do not have idea what went wrong.  I am so desperate to get the code number but cannot open my account.  I asked help from friends and they all said I have to call the customer service to help me login and get the code.  I really wanted to scream and nag at someone why my card is not correct.  I cannot call the hotline because I do not have landline.  I tried my mobile phone but I won’t connect.  I guess I have to go to my bank to ask what went wrong with my card number and hopefully they can fixed it so I can login and get my code number.

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