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Booked for plane ticket online

Because of the important matter, my older brother has to go to the province of my parents in Bohol, Philippines.  Since my mother is dead years ago and my father can’t travel because of his weak condition, my older brother will go as representative.  It was so abrupt and the brother has to go back right away because of his work, we decided to book a plane ticket.  I tried to travel agencies to book a ticket but have not found a promo ticket.  I decided to try to look for a promo online.  I have not found promo ticket but I found a flight that is not so expensive and it is a direct flight from Davao City to Tagbilaran, Bohol.  Others are connecting flight.  I booked a ticket right away for it has four remaining seats only.

It was my first time to book a plane ticket online and I like it. I do not have to go to travel agency anymore.  It is hassle-free and I can find/look for different flights online.  Thankful that my sister has the credit card that we used to book a plane ticket for my brother.  Tomorrow is my brother’s flight.  Have a safe flight brother and God bless you!

I will surely book a ticket again online and will find a promo so that family can have vacationed in other parts of the country at lesser fare expenses.

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Overnight at the Beach…

Last night we went to beach and stayed there overnight.  It is a treat to us from a friend who is now living in Norway and having vacation here in Philippines together with her family.  It was a memorable night for all of us for after three years we do see each other again and have a great bonding.  We filled the beach with fun laughter.  We have the whole night talking about our life and patches those days that we haven’t seen each other.  It is like looking back to the times when we are still young and at school.

Sharing foods is the most enjoyable things that we did last night.  Lots of foods in the table that are so tempting.  It was the night when all of us forgets the word DIET.  Its like the old times are back again, when we were younger and eat the foods that we like to eat.  Last night is the night that we are making another memorable things that is happening in our life as friends.  We ended the night with smile on our faces.  Though one night is not enough for three years of not seeing each other, we make sure that we are having fun and we did enjoy every bit of it.  It is sad to know that we have to count another more years for us to see each other again, she gave us a present that will surely never forget her.

Wave from the Beach….

After a very stressful week for me, it is time for me to unwind and make myself relax.  And today is so perfect because my sister will be having their beach party together with her friends from church.  She invited me to go with her for she do not want to go alone.  I am so happy for I will be able to relax at the beach, the wind is so perfect for me.  Being at the beach makes me meditate and free my mind from thinking too much.  Although I am not alone, I did have fun watching their program and parlor games.  Looking at them playing parlor games is so cute.  Although they are no longer young ones, but playing those games makes them feel young again.

After the program and the games we ate lunch and then other go to beach and swim.   I did went to beach but just sitting on the sand and watching people having fun and watching the waves.  Seeing the waves is very relaxing for and the sounds of the waves after reaching the seashore is wonderful to my ear.  I felt relieved from stress with all that I have seen at the beach.  Indeed, beach is a nice place for me if I want to be alone and give some time for myself.  Free from all the things that I have done and think. Beach is a place to be for me.  Nice view, nice wind and feels like I am closer to nature.

Summer Treat….

As my sister’s promised to treat us to beach this summer, we did it today.  I am very excited because I missed swimming to beach.  And my nieces also are very happy and excited because they are going to wear again the swimsuit my sister bought for them.  Funny thing is my 7 years old niece woke up 5:00 o’clock in the morning, wakes up her sister saying, wake up because we are going to beach today.  Kids are always be kids.

At beach I can see it in there eyes that they are having fun.  Even though they don’t know how to swim, they are trying there best to swim in their own way.  They really like to swim, even told me we will stay and live  Swimming and eating from time to time makes the day more memorable for the family.   It is  a good bonding with the family, sunday is our family day and celebrates it in beach is awesome.  The only person that is missing is my younger brother who is not been home for months.  Madly in love with his girlfriend and forgot he has a family.  Even with those smiles in our faces, deep inside we are sad because we missed him.  Wanted him to be there and celebrates with us. 

We went home very tired but very happy.   It is a very memorable day for the family, because we also celebrates the birthday of my father.  Late birthday celebration for her, even she passed away we still do celebrates her birthday.  I say thank your for my sister because of her treat, we have a wonderful bonding that makes the family more closer together. 

Here Comes the Sun

Summertime is just around the corner. The weather is different from before because today is really hot. Others are suffering from heat stroke. It is really pain on our skin when we go out of the house. We need to have sun protection to protect our skin from the heat of the sun. During this time, some of us wants to go to the beach and have fun. Vacation in the beautiful beaches and spend the day together with our family. We are advice to put sun protection to prevent us from possible skin cancer. And we should go for a higher protection of. Here are some facts on how to protect our skin.
1. we should use sunscreen with brod spectrum
2. water resistance sunscreen
3. application
4. reapplication

Following these four, we are ready to go out and enjoy the heat of the sun. No need to worry about our skin when we are having fun at the beach. Because we are well protected and we are ready for heat of the sun. Kids can now play under the sun and experience the summertime at the beach. The whole family is safe from the sun burn and possible sun damage to our skin. Even if the heat of the sun is far too different from before, we can still appreciate it. When we talk of summer, we think of a beach always. So this summer embrace the sun with our sun protection and lets go party at the beach.