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29th Southeast Asian Games

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Last Saturday was the opening ceremony of the 29th Southeast Asian Games held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  11 countries will be competing for this event such as, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Cambodia.  The athletes will be giving their very best to win the gold for their respective countries. My country, Philippines, will be competing for 39 games.   The opening ceremony was simple but nice especially the parade of nations and the lightning of the torch.  I am proud of these athletes who do this sacrifices for the love of their country.  The games will last for two weeks.  I will pray for the safety of all the participating athletes.

The country has won three gold medals on the recent medal tally, and still counting.  More games to compete and lots of medals that is up for grabs.  Last night, the men’s national team for basketball won their games against their Thailand opponent.  This is a good start for basketball team, more games to come and I pray that they will continue the winning streak to the final.  I am looking forward for the volleyball teams, I am so excited to see the powerful attacks and smash in the volleyball court.  Good luck team Philippines, you all make us proud to be a Filipino.  Go fight for the country’s pride and bring home more golds for the country.

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Thanks to live streaming

I love to watch sports and games always.  And boxing is one of my games. haha!  Yes, I am an avid fan of boxing for years now.  I have several favorites and one of those is Manny Pacquioa.  Aside from he is from the Philippines which is my country, he is an awesome fighter.  I like the way he fights because he gives a really good fight every time he is inside the ring arena.  He is the people’s champ and one of the world’s greatest fighter.  And today, he will again show his ability as a fighter at MGM grand in the USA.  He will fight against Timothy Bradley.

I do not want to miss the fight of the year today that is why I am searching for free live streaming online.  I used to go to the neighbor’s house to watch boxing but today I am so lazy to go there.  Good thing a friend of mine shared to me the link of the free live streaming online.  I did watch the fight from start to finish.  Though I do not like the decision, still I am happy that I am able to watch it online at home.  Thanks to my friend for sharing the link and to the one who shared the live streaming.  And also thanks to the technology.

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They Lost the Game…

Here in our village, we have this summer basketball game league. I am an avid fan of basketball game, and one of my favorite. I even more eager to watch because my brother has a team and they are playing very well. They are on their way to final four only need one more win to ensure a slot for final.

Today is the most awaited game for them to ensure a final slot, if they win they will go straight fighting for champion. We are very excited and confident enough that they will win the game. The game started very nice and full of thrilling. I even felt that they will win, but when the second half of the game starts luck is not on our side. NO matter how much they tried, feels like they are climbing lots of mountain to get a shot. It is so frustrating but we have to accept that in a game there is only one winner. Unfortunately not my brothers team.

Though we go home sad because they lost the game, we are happy that they give a good game and did challenge the opponent. Better luck next time for their team next Sunday. I hope they will win, for them to go into playoffs. Crossing our fingers because in a game it needs luck and good teamwork. Good luck to them!