The Old Laptop is Fixed

I saw my old laptop while I am cleaning my closet two weeks ago.  I felt sad because it is not yet fixed.  Well, I decided not to bring it to the technician who fixed it twice because the problem is still there.  I brought my laptop to him thrice and every time I go to him, he always asked for payment.  Even if I told him that it is a back job for the problem is still there and it was like two days since he fixed it.  I am thinking that it is his intention to not fix it completely, so I will be coming back to him and collecting money from me.  It is to think that way, but that is how I think.  I am frustrated I must say.

I decided to buy the new laptop instead for I have spent enough money on my old laptop and still not fixed.  When I saw my old laptop in my closet, I felt sad.  I have been using the old laptop for four years and now it is in the closet.  I missed my old laptop so to speak.  Though I love my new laptop, it is hard to give up my old laptop for it is a fruit of my labor.  I asked a friend if she knows a technician who can fix my laptop and asked my sister.  Good thing the son of my sister’s colleague at school knows how to fix the laptop.  My sister brought the old laptop to him last week, and my laptop is now fixed.  I am the happiest I must say.  I started using the old laptop last Monday and it is like as good as new except the battery that needs to be replaced.  Hopefully, the old laptop will serve me for another four years.

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