The phone stops working

When the father bought his first touchscreen phone, he is so happy and excited and downloaded games that he wants.  Yes, that is one of his purpose of buying an android phone, we want to download games, so he can play at home.  I must say, he is bored at home and he gets bored watching tv every day.  For a change, his phone will be going to entertain him.  Indeed, he downloaded lots of games.  And he is enjoying it.  Also, he has Facebook accounts, set up by his granddaughter, and he is having fun watching photos of his friends at church and co-workers before.

However, his happiness stops for awhile because his phone stops working suddenly.  We reboot it many times hoping that the phone just hanged up but still not showing any display.  We decided to bring it to the service center to help us fix the problem of the phone.  We were told that they think the phone has a virus and needs to reformat.  Why, I do not know why, and my father does not have the idea too why it has a virus.   They will just have sent text message when the phone is fixed.  Up to this day, we have not received any text message yet and the father lost patience. Hopefully, they will send the message this week before my father will go wild.haha!

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