Wants to buy a tablet for the savings he made

The  9 year old nephew started saving January of last year.  Her mother bought him a piggy bank and told him to save so he could buy the toys that he wants once his piggy bank is full.  It has been 12 months and it is time to open his piggy bank.  He has been waiting for his mother to have time to help him open and count the money inside the piggy bank.  His mother promised to open the piggy bank this week, and he is patiently waiting till his mother have time and less tired from work.  And today is the day he has been waiting for.

After lunch today, he and his mother open the piggy bank.  The nephew is smiling seeing the money inside his piggy bank.  His waiting is paid off.  He helps her mom in counting the bills.  His savings is 2,300 pesos.  He smiled and told his mom that he wants to buy a tablet.  Well, he is big now, he does not want a toy anymore, he wants a gadget where he can put games, download educational videos, and the likes.  It is his money so he can decide what to buy.  Congratulations to my nephew for the success in saving money.  He will starts saving again for this year, and I wish him a bigger savings.

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