Booked for plane ticket online

Because of the important matter, my older brother has to go to the province of my parents in Bohol, Philippines.  Since my mother is dead years ago and my father can’t travel because of his weak condition, my older brother will go as representative.  It was so abrupt and the brother has to go back right away because of his work, we decided to book a plane ticket.  I tried to travel agencies to book a ticket but have not found a promo ticket.  I decided to try to look for a promo online.  I have not found promo ticket but I found a flight that is not so expensive and it is a direct flight from Davao City to Tagbilaran, Bohol.  Others are connecting flight.  I booked a ticket right away for it has four remaining seats only.

It was my first time to book a plane ticket online and I like it. I do not have to go to travel agency anymore.  It is hassle-free and I can find/look for different flights online.  Thankful that my sister has the credit card that we used to book a plane ticket for my brother.  Tomorrow is my brother’s flight.  Have a safe flight brother and God bless you!

I will surely book a ticket again online and will find a promo so that family can have vacationed in other parts of the country at lesser fare expenses.

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