My birthday gift to myself

“This will be the last time”, this was my line when I bought my Huawei seven months ago.  I changed phone back then when I decided to give my old phone to my niece.  She needs a phone because she got home from school late.  We wanted her to let us know if she gets home late.  My sister did not like the idea because the niece is just 12 years old, but I insisted.  I told the sister that this will be the last time that I will buy a phone.  I am contented with the Huawei phone that I bought and happy of my new phone.

However, just this month a bought a new phone.  I broke that promised that I made.  The last time that I said before, is not really the last time.  I bought a new phone two weeks ago, as a gift to myself since it is my birthday.  I did ask my older sister’s opinion first before anything else.  I am so glad that she understand my reason of buying a new phone, and understand that it is a gift to myself.  As of the moment I am enjoying my new Oppo phone.  I do hope that this would really be the last time.  By the way, I handed over my Huawei phone to my older brother.

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