Checking on the Christmas Lights

As we all know Christmas is fast approaching.  I have heard the countdown for Christmas on radio and television.  People are so excited for Christmas Holiday is the event where people are looking forward to because of the parties, lots of events, and family reunion during this season.  I have heard Christmas songs on the radio too.  Also, seen Christmas decorations at the mall.  The spirit of Christmas really feels at the malls.  Others are already have Christmas tree, lights, and decorations at their home.  Makes me smile seeing  and think of putting up our Christmas tree at home too.

We do not have Christmas tree at home yet because we still have to give way to the All Saints and All Souls day.  But I already checked the old Christmas tree that we have, the decorations and the Christmas lights.  Sadly, some lights aren’t working anymore.  Guess I have to buy new one again. Gezzzzz! Expenses coming up so to speak.  But first I have to have it checked my electrician brother, hope he can fixed it.  I am not hoping that it will get fix because the brother did not able to fix the old Christmas lights that we have last year.  I am crossing my fingers though.  I hope this time the brother will fixed it.  Meanwhile, I will think of a nice motif this year.  Will go to malls one of these days to get an idea. *wink*

Have you put up your Christmas tree at home already?  What is your motif this year?

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