My laptop stops working

After four years of partnership in doing my online stuffs, my laptop just stops working few days ago.  I am really sad because of what happened.  I do not have money to have it fixed and I do not know how am I going to update my blogs and do my other online stuffs.  The timing is really not good because I do not have extra to bring it to the technician to have it fixed.  I do not have a choice but to bring it to the technician because my laptop is my partner and bestfriend as a blogger.  My laptop is one of the important things in my life.

I haven’t been online for two days already because of what had happened to my laptop.  I already brought it to the technician and have to wait for four days or so to have it fixed.  The technician said that my laptop needs a lot of repair.  So, I will take it longer that I expected.  Good thing that my sister let me borrow her laptop so I can update my blogs.  I am having difficulties in retrieving my passwords for I have it said in my laptop. arghs!  This is a lesson that I have to learned, I should have save my passwords in my phone or jot it down.   Glad I retrieved it and already copied it in paper.  So now I am here trying to update my blogs.

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