Loving the new feature

Everyday I have to wake up early because I have to send the nephew to school.  One morning, I woke up an hour early.  I tried to go back to sleep but I cannot.  Instead of forcing myself to go back to sleep, I took my phone and started browsing on Facebook and checking my emails.  It has become my daily routine I must say.  When I wake up, I go get my phone and check on emails, checking notifications on Facebook or watching Korean drama that is downloaded on Facebook.  I really appreciate the happiness this modern technology brings.  Just do not over use or so dependent on it.

Anyways, when I open my Facebook it says that I need to update to.  Another feature is coming up.  After the update I saw this Go Live application/feature on Facebook under status.  This is may be the apps that my friend is using for I have seen her status saying that she is live.  It looks interesting.  I have tried it once last Sunday and it was fun.  I was live on Facebook waking up the nieces for early church.   I really like this feature/application.  I seldom post an update on my profile but will surely make an update using this Go Live feature.  You should try it Facebook users because it is fun.

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