Changes my morning routine

My day starts and ends doing household chores, taking care of the kids (nephews and nieces), preparing foods every meal time, watching television after the chores is done and when I still have the time, I try to take some nap to regain the lost energy.  This is my normal day, tiring but fun.  Sometimes I felt really bored doing the same stuffs over again and seeing only the four corners of the house, however, I get used to it since my work is at home.  I used to work before, but end up resigning and please do not ask me why.haha!

But after I became so addict with this social media, my daily routine has change especially my morning.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I look for is my tablet and check for what is latest and notifications in my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account.  I spent more time with these stuffs which is not good but when I started checking, I do not want to stop.  My time is messed up I must say.  And I am blaming myself because I tolerate myself doing it.  I should have my priorities but this social media is a killer, killer of time.LOL  I wish to go back to the time when I am not so active because I want my day to be fruitful.  I should limit myself facing tablet and laptop because there are lots of things to do better than be addicted to these stuffs.  Know our limitations, set goals and be fruitful.

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