My radio is giving me headache

The radio I have in my room was given to me by my older brother five years ago.  Actually, I beg of him to give it to me because I do not have radio in my room, and I like listening to music before going to sleep.  Also, to listen to when I am not sleepy yet.  My radio is my company since the sister got married.  I find hard to sleep alone.  Yes, I am scared of the scary thoughts I have in my mind from the scary movies I have seen in the past.  You may laugh at me I wont get mad because it is true.  I even laughed at myself too.haha!

I must say, the radio helps me a lot to keep me away from scary thoughts before going to sleep.  Sad to say, my radio is not in good condition lately.  The volume is making me sick.  I can’t listen to my favorite songs because of the broken volume.  The volume is full, and I can’t reduce it.  I have tried reducing the volume but it is not functioning.  I told the brother about it and he just laughed at me.  He said that the radio needs to rest and I should get a new radio.  I guess I have to accept that the radio is busted.  I will try to bring it to the shop and see if they can fix it.  I really need my radio badly, especially when I am alone.

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