Acer Aspire Netbook

I mentioned in my previous post that the old laptop that I gave to my sister is busted.  It has been in the service for four years and now the old laptop wants to retire.  The sister felt really sad because all her files are there and her lesson plan is there as well.  We can still open the laptop but it will take lots of patients because sometimes there is no display.  The sister wants to save everything in the USB if the old laptop opens.  Thankfully it opens and she get all her files there.  And she will be needing new laptop for her paper works.

After a week of waiting the sister bought her new laptop.  It is an Acer Aspire netbook.  She chooses this brand because it is thin and not heavy to carry, also it is friendly to her budget.  Well, the netbook is indeed very nice.  I even asked the sister if I could borrow it sometimes especially when I am on travel.  My Samsung laptop is very heavy.  My shoulder is always aching every time I brought my beloved Samsung laptop with me.LOL  Congratulations to my sister for having new gadget and hopefully this netbook will last longer.

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