Welcome to the world of facebook

Facebook is not my brother’ s thing.  Even if his friends are inviting him, encouraging him and making him jealous, still he is not into facebook.  To him, he doesn’t know how to operate computer, he doesn’t have time and it is just a waste of time.  Well, he is a guy.  Some guys doesn’t care about social media and the techie world.  But when he attended high school reunion last year, he decided to make facebook account because most of his high school friends and into facebook.  They told him to make facebook account to continue their communication, also to know the latest about their batch program, project and activities.

The brother doesn’t have computer/laptop, so he bought android phone which is cheaper.  Of course he is happy and excited to make facebook account.  But the problem is he does not know anything.  I created his facebook account first then teach him carefully on how to start, where to go, what to do and so on.  He has facebook account now, have started posting and commenting for days, but our facebook lesson is not yet done.  He still keeps on asking me things that makes him confused.  I do hope that after two weeks, he can facebook on his own and won’t bother me anymore. LOL  Anyways, congratulations to my brother and welcome to facebook world!

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