Make sure the lights are safe

During Christmas season, we do put Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, balls, flowers and the likes at home. One decoration that we have to be careful is the Christmas lights. We have to make sure that the wiring is in good quality and look for the ICC sticker. Then we can tell that the lights are safe for it passes in the DTI standard. This is to avoid fire incidents. Fire incidents happen during this time due to low quality of Christmas lights that causes short circuit. There are lots of lights that are very cheap in the market, but poor in quality. Let’s not be tempted with the cheap price of the item because it can cause fire incidents.

In our house, we do have five kinds of Christmas lights, two on the Christmas tree, one on the ceiling and two outside the house. But before buying the lights I checked if there is ICC sticker and the wire is in good quality so the house is safe for short circuit. Also, I avoid octopus connection of wires because it is so dangerous. I do not mind buying expensive lights and other Christmas decorations, the important is we are safe and the house is safe for short circuit.

Do you have Christmas lights at home? Do you also check the ICC sticker?

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