It is busted for the second time

My beloved tablet is busted for the second time. I am sad because I just have spent money to have it fixed after the nephew broke it. It is partly my fault for not keeping my promise to not let the kids play with it anymore. But how can I say no to their cry and their screaming begging for me to let them play the tablet. I allow them to play with it with my supervision. It was not my nephew who broke the tablet this time, it is my niece. She wanted to play with it while the nephews are sleeping.

I trusted her because I think she is old enough to handle it with care. So, I let her play with it. But before I give it to her I told her to be careful. I went to take a nap but when I wake up she told me she accidentally fells on the ground. Angry? Yes, I am very much. Again, the damage is already done. I just hope that the damaged is not serious so the payment is lesser. When my tablet is fixed, I will never let any of the kids play with it. I have to be strict this time because twice is too much.

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