Hearing Christmas songs on the radio

On the first day of September, I already hear Christmas songs played on the radio. It is great to hear Christmas songs after almost a year of waiting. Christmas is just around the corner. Time flies really fast I must say. It seems like we just have celebrated Christmas and New Year recently. The blowing of the wind is colder in the morning now that the BER months are here. Some are started putting Christmas decoration inside their homes and puts Christmas lights outside their house. The spirit of Christmas is in there house already.

I like hearing Christmas songs very much because the songs are inspiring and make me happy. Also, Christmas songs remind me of my mother. Though I get sad a bit hearing these kinds of songs because made me missed my mother.  The mother was very sickly back then and stayed in the nursing home. Anyways, it is great to hear Christmas songs in the morning. And seen Christmas decorations at my neighbors house. I haven’t put decorations at our house yet. I’m going to put Christmas decorations after the All Souls and All Saints day. While waiting, I’ll have to think of what would be my theme to put on our Christmas tree.

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