Spotted the phone at the mall

My phone is three years old. I so loved my phone because it is the fruit of my online job. It is in good condition because I take good care of my phone for three years. Though it fell several times, but with the rubber protection falling many times is not that bad at all. When I bought my phone, I told myself that I won’t be buying another phone because I am contented with it. However, due to lots of new phones in the market lately, I thought of buying new phone and will give my old phone to my brother. I haven’t found yet the phone that interests me that is budget friendly.

However, after doing window shopping last weekend I think I have spotted the phone at the mall that I am going to buy. The features are really nice that makes me want to have it sooner because the introductory price is affordable.   But I do not have money yet. I guess I have to wait for few months to save enough money for the phone. The thought of buying the phone excites me, but I am sad thinking that I will have to give my precious phone. Hopefully when I have the money, the phone is still affordable and friendly to my pocket.

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