My brother will buy it instead

Before I finalized the plan of buying new phone, I told the sister about my plan of buying new phone and I want to sell my old phone. She doesn’t want me to sell it to others so she decided to buy it instead. We both agreed of the amount and when will she have to give me the payment. My phone is still in good condition, I just want to buy the one that I saw when I went to the mall. Well, I am expecting that sister will pay me this month because I am going to buy new phone next month.

However, she told me that she won’t be able to pay me because she doesn’t have extra. She changed her mind because she will be using the money for they will be going to the province of her husband this holy week. I felt sad because I really want to buy new phone. Guess I have to wait for her payment first. The older brother learned about my plan and told me that he will buy it instead. Woohoo! This is great! But first I have to tell the sister so she will not be expecting that the phone will be hers. When the brother pay me, I will immediately buy new phone.

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