The phone is now fixed

Few weeks ago, I have bought cellphone/mobile phone for my niece.  It is the reward I gave because she did well at school.  She finished with honors.  And I have promise to give her a phone if she will finished with honors.  She was so happy when I brought her to the mall and let her pick the phone that she likes.  It is her first time to have a phone so she is so excited and curious of her gadgets.  She can’t get it off her hands so to speak.  She keeps on browsing and listening to the tones, looking at the graphics as her wall paper, and taking pictures.  There are no games yet, so she asked her parents to download few games on her phone.

Unluckily, her brother broke her phone.  They brought it to the technician and now it is fixed.  She smiled after seeing her fixed phone.  But her parents did not give it to her yet.  They will buy rubber to protect the phone if it fell, screen protector and will download more games too before giving it back to her.  Also, they will leave few words for her to take good care of her phone well.  I do hope that this time, niece will be more careful and will take good care of her things.

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